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Ho, ho, ho! ’tis the season of joy and merriment all over the world (except for places where it’s not), and while the core team here at Running With Scissors are celebrating and enjoying the festivities each in our own way, we are also hard at work on a new update to POSTAL Redux, and our secret new game series. This unfortunately leaves us quite busy in terms of delivering fun holiday-themed content for the fans, but you can always rely on our wonderfully dedicated community to fill in the gaps! (ah, you gotta love that free labor)

From a team of modders known as Revival Games, comes Happy Night – a massive and expansive mod for POSTAL 2, set in Paradise, AZ during Christmas. It brings a whole new single-player story to play through, with a whole ton of new content, such as new weapons, maps, models, vehicles and of course – new errands.

Set before the events of POSTAL 2, you as The Postal Dude, dressed in a season-appropriate outfit, must re-live traumatic Christmas-related memories and complete errands to secure a place to stay for the night (while taking selfies along the way)! It’s Christmas, so naturally Paradise is covered in snow (which means very satisfying footstep sounds, as you walk through the winter-y landscape), and everyone is in a festive mood! Why, even Santa Claus himself is seen flying high above the sky, to deliver his presents, and is promptly greeted by ground-to-air rockets and shot down, scattering his gifts all over the place for you to collect.

On your adventure to complete your various errands, you’ll be greeted with new environments, new mechanics and even action set piece moments. Among some of the new mechanics there is the ability to grab certain props in the environment and move them around, similar to the Frictional Games‘ titles Penumbra and Amnesia. You also have a Phone inventory item, which you can hold out and take wonderful selfies with. Get creative – selfie with nearby NPCs; selfie with nearby corpses; lonely empty selfies – the sky’s the limit! The only unfortunate element of the mod is the language barrier. It’s clear, while playing the mod, that the developers’ first language is certainly not English, which can in itself lead to some funny situations. But it’s certainly not enough of an issue to bring down the experience as a whole. Especially when the whole is so lovingly crafted.

If you’re looking to have some holiday fun, while freshening up your POSTAL 2 experience, we can’t recommend Happy Night enough. It’s a wonderful testament to how dedicated our modding community is, and it’s perfect for those holiday evenings when you just want some cathartic fun, instead of dealing with other people. If you’re okay with dealing with some bad grammar, then Happy Night is definitely the must-play POSTAL 2 mod this Christmas season!