PC – April 20, 2022
PS5/4 – March 21, 2023


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Playstation 5/4


Unreal Engine 4.27


Running With Scissors

The POSTAL Dude is back!

Several years have passed since the events that devastated the once proud town remembered as Paradise.

The only two to walk away from the cataclysm unscathed, the hapless everyman known as the POSTAL Dude and his loyal companion Champ, drive aimlessly through the scorching deserts of Arizona looking for a new place to call home. After a fortuitous gas station rest stop ends with their car, trailer home, and the rest of their worldly possessions stolen, all the Dude’s seemingly got left to his name is his canine cohort and his bathrobe, and neither of them smells all that great. However, on the horizon, the duo glimpses an unfamiliar and dazzling town that beckons to them. What untold prospects lie within? Fame? Fortune? Maybe a bidet or two? Edensin awaits.

POSTAL 4: No Regerts is a satirical and outrageous comedic open world first person shooter and the long-awaited true sequel to what’s been fondly dubbed as “The Worst Game Ever™”, POSTAL 2! (No third game is known to exist.)

Key Features

  • Free roam, open world, sandbox gameplay – Approach your daily set of Errands in a non-linear fashion! Seek out optional Side Quests for additional rewards! Or ignore all of that and just cause general pandemonium at your own leisure!
  • Jon St. John, industry veteran and the legendary voice for Duke Nukem, in the role of the POSTAL Dude!
  • A brand new town to explore – Discover Edensin and unearth the dark secrets of this gambling town! Visit the local penitentiary, but don’t become a permanent guest! Meet the mysterious and exotic locals at the Mexican border! Cruise the roads in style in your own fashionable Mobility Scooter! Test your luck at the casinos on the Zag, all under the watchful eye of the monolithic ERC Tower!
  • Pacifist vs. Aggressive – Enjoy full freedom in your choice of playstyle! New ammo types and other tools to greater support peaceful (or non-lethal, at least) confrontations, but violence is still always an option too!
  • Over-the-top arsenal – Series classics return such as the iconic Shovel, Gas Can, and the famous boomerang Machete! Brandish new weapons like the AK and Tazer Baton! Set traps and unleash feathered chaos with the new Pigeon Mine! Get creative with the Spurt’n’Squirt’s unique liquid ammo types: Fill it with water to put out fires, gasoline to create an improvised flamethrower, or urine to shower Edensin’s residents!
  • Potent Power-ups – Add that familiar POSTAL twist to your weaponry with power-ups such as the classic Cat Silencer, the slow motion-inducing Catnip, and the dual wielding Energy Drink!
  • Bevy of interactivity – Feed Doggie Treats to strays to gather canine armies to do your dirty work! Grab and carry around objects to stack them and reach new areas or just throw them at others to annoy them! For the first time in the franchise, use and flush toilets!

POSTAL 4: No Regerts Credits

Developed by Running With Scissors


RWS Team

Bob Richardson – Game Design, Lead Level Design

Jon Merchant – Producer, Game Design, Level Design

Josh Leichliter – Art Director

Marcin Trybus – Associate Producer

Rikki D’Angelo – Lead Game Design

Andy Faecke – Lead 2D Artist

Hemingway Gagnon – Lead 3D Artist

Lana Foltz –  Programmer

Gordon Cheng – Programmer 

Nick Pilshikov – Programmer

Michael Stopa – Programmer

Erik Nix – Programmer

Ben Seckeler – Programmer

Francisco García – Level Design

Josh O’Brien – Level Designer

Nicolas Bucco – Level Designer

Julian Wellbrock – Level Designer

Michele Bellone – Animator

Nathan Ayres – Animator

Russ Briggeman Jr – Animator

Matthieu Gouault – 3D Artist

Sebastien Picard-Marois – 3D Artist

Walter Koropeski – 3D Artist

Sani Kusuma – 3D Artist

Claudio Fabrizzio Trucido Yoncee – 3D Artist

Von Caberte – 3D Artist

H. Cha – 3D Artist

James Brady – 3D Artist

Tom Wiseman – 3D Artist

Kenn Edwards – 3D Artist

Steven Yaffe – 2D Artist

Laura Nardoni – 2D Artist

Tomoko Hosoo – 2D Artist

Oliver Albrecht – Artist

Pedro (Zeron) Santos – QA Manager, Community Manager

Robert Medrano – Sound Designer

Joshua Packard – Sound Designer

Kurt Willoughby – Sound Designer 

Anton Vorontsov – Level Designer

Takumi Sloan – Music Production

Marcus Davis – Music Production

Eric Varela – Writer

Mike Jaret – Voice Recording Engineer, Business & Marketing

Vince Desi – Executive Producer



Jason Sikorsky

Kirill Efanov 

Brandon James Smith

Mark Aschebrook

Elwood Brown

Genaro Brito IV

Taliesin Charles-Lewis


Voice Credits

Engineer & Producer: Mike Jaret-Schachter

Voice Actors:

The Dude – Jon St. John

Joseph Bellow – David Eddings

Narrator – Laki Skouras

Skeevy Hotel Owner – Justin Hill

Prison Warden – Dirk Nelson

Sewer Foreman – Justin Elias

Animal Catcher – Eric Varela

El Plago – Juan Agguire

Broken Mask El Plago – Anthony Ingruber

Stoned Pet Shop Cashier – Anthony Ingruber

Los Oscuros Radio Man – Justin Elias

Police Station Desk Officer – Anthony Biggers

Mexican Gang Members – James Avestruz, Hazencruz

Mexican Border Patrol Agents – James Avestruz, Hazencruz

Sensitive Hipsters Leader – McKinlay Jaret-Schachter

Police Station Announcer – Gloria Barbosa 

Male NPCs – Nathan Miller, Andy Mack, Grant Hunker, Marcus Davis, Eric Varela, Justin Elias, Mike Jaret-Schachter

Female NPCs – China Young, McKinlay Jaret-Schachter, Athena Apodaca

Lovey The Love Boar – Mike Jaret-Schachter

RobbieJustin Elias

Pontius – Eric Varela

Radio Caller 1 – Civvie11

Radio Caller 2 – Andrea Shaw

Radio Caller 3 – Sam Garn


Steam Page Translations

Xiaowen Nie, Emin Kibar, Robert Hessland, Jude Taylor, Piotr Sztukowski, Dominik Włodarczyk

Special thanks:

David Schryver Jr, Jesse Schermann, Niko “Xonikful” Virtanen, Joe ‘EDM’ Roble, Eric Sheldon, Michael Dullweber, Shawn Shaffer, Sascha Bärenklau, Bryan Hernandez, Connor Atkinson, Nina Appelt, Craig Zwiers, Spiffy1209, Brandon Smith, Marvin Weisbrod, Hellbent, Christopher James, Dylan Batsch, Tyler Andre, Vector, Joseph Frank, Marcus Hartung, Akuma no Tsubasa, Caulin Stephens-Lucas, DolStallSmikf



Public Relations:

Robert Brown, AJ Trulin & Zack Furniss at Stride PR


Music Credits:

Amplifire: Rats and Thieves

(c) Amplifire 2019


Amplifire: Crash Landing

(c) Amplifire 2019


Before The Silence – “Gravity Falls”

Written by Mike Ballinger, Ricky Elam, Jacob Ryan, Jesse Espich & James Ringstrom


Dopesick – “Skin To The Bones”

Written by Adam Albright and Jonathan Russell


Dopesick – “Standing In The Dust”

Written by Adam Albright and Jonathan Russell


Dopesick – “Freaks”

Written by Adam Albright and Jonathan Russell


Dopesick – “The Big Ugly”

Written by Adam Albright and Jonathan RusselL

Greek Nacho – “Pull My Finger”

Written and performed by Greek Nacho

Nokturnal – “Hybrid Warriors”

Written and performed by Steve and Michael Chryplywy

St. Varela – “BRT”

Written by Eric Varela, Sean Terry & Ryan Larson


St. Varela – “Better”

Written by Eric Varela, Sean Terry & Ryan Larson


St. Varela – “For A Good Time Call Eric”

Written by Eric Varela, Sean Terry & Ryan Larson


Stands With Fists – “Tyrannosaurus Sex”  

Written by Jonathan Russell and Omar Hernandez


Stands With Fists – “For All The World” 

Written by Jonathan Russell and Omar Hernandez


Tattoo The Scars – “Bridges Burned”

Written by Marcus Davis, Billy Grey & Dusty Winterrowd 

The Monarch Phenomenon – “Endangering Circuitty”


The Monarch Phenomenon – “Paradoxical Sphere”


The Monarch Phenomenon – “The Game”


The Monarch Phenomenon – “Chloromotion”


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