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PC – April 20, 2022
PS5/4 – March 21, 2023


Steam, GOG,
Playstation 5/4


Unreal Engine 4.27


Running With Scissors

The POSTAL Dude is back!

Several years have passed since the events that devastated the once proud town remembered as Paradise.

The only two to walk away from the cataclysm unscathed, the hapless everyman known as the POSTAL Dude and his loyal companion Champ, drive aimlessly through the scorching deserts of Arizona looking for a new place to call home. After a fortuitous gas station rest stop ends with their car, trailer home, and the rest of their worldly possessions stolen, all the Dude’s seemingly got left to his name is his canine cohort and his bathrobe, and neither of them smells all that great. However, on the horizon, the duo glimpses an unfamiliar and dazzling town that beckons to them. What untold prospects lie within? Fame? Fortune? Maybe a bidet or two? Edensin awaits.

POSTAL 4: No Regerts is a satirical and outrageous comedic open world first person shooter and the long-awaited true sequel to what’s been fondly dubbed as “The Worst Game Ever™”, POSTAL 2! (No third game is known to exist.)

Key Features

  • Free roam, open world, sandbox gameplay – Approach your daily set of Errands in a non-linear fashion! Seek out optional Side Quests for additional rewards! Or ignore all of that and just cause general pandemonium at your own leisure!
  • Jon St. John, industry veteran and the legendary voice for Duke Nukem, in the role of the POSTAL Dude!
  • A brand new town to explore – Discover Edensin and unearth the dark secrets of this gambling town! Visit the local penitentiary, but don’t become a permanent guest! Meet the mysterious and exotic locals at the Mexican border! Cruise the roads in style in your own fashionable Mobility Scooter! Test your luck at the casinos on the Zag, all under the watchful eye of the monolithic ERC Tower!
  • Pacifist vs. Aggressive – Enjoy full freedom in your choice of playstyle! New ammo types and other tools to greater support peaceful (or non-lethal, at least) confrontations, but violence is still always an option too!
  • Over-the-top arsenal – Series classics return such as the iconic Shovel, Gas Can, and the famous boomerang Machete! Brandish new weapons like the AK and Tazer Baton! Set traps and unleash feathered chaos with the new Pigeon Mine! Get creative with the Spurt’n’Squirt’s unique liquid ammo types: Fill it with water to put out fires, gasoline to create an improvised flamethrower, or urine to shower Edensin’s residents!
  • Potent Power-ups – Add that familiar POSTAL twist to your weaponry with power-ups such as the classic Cat Silencer, the slow motion-inducing Catnip, and the dual wielding Energy Drink!
  • Bevy of interactivity – Feed Doggie Treats to strays to gather canine armies to do your dirty work! Grab and carry around objects to stack them and reach new areas or just throw them at others to annoy them! For the first time in the franchise, use and flush toilets!

POSTAL 4: No Regerts Credits

Developed by Running With Scissors

RWS Team

Game Design

Rikki D’Angelo – Lead Game Designer
Everyone at RWS


Jon Merchant – Producer
Marcin Trybuś – Associate Producer
Pedro Santos – QA Manager
Dennis Porter – Tech Artist


Mike Jaret-Schachter – Chief Bidet Officer
Vince Desi – Chief Rod Officer

Level Designers

Bob Richardson – Lead Level Designer
Francisco García
Josh O’Brien
Taliesin Charles-Lewis
Nicolas Bucco
Oli Curtis
Julian Wellbrock
Anton Vorontsov


Lana Foltz – Lead Programmer
Gordon Cheng
Nick Pilshikov
Michael Stopa
Erik Rossik
Ben Seckeler
Daniel Hickey


Josh Leichliter – Art Director

3D Art

Hemingway Gagnon – Lead 3D Artist
Matthieu Gouault
Walter Koropeski
Sani Kusuma
Oliver Curtis
Sebastien Picard-Marois
Claudio Fabrizzio Trucido Yoncee
Djordje Petrovic
Von Caberte
H. Cha
Tom Wiseman
Kenn Edwards
James Brady
Oliver Albrecht
Karl Schecht
Elizabeth Frances Reynolds

2D Art

Andy Faecke – Lead 2D Artist
Pedro Santos
Steven Yaffe
Adrián Pristáš
Laura Nardoni
Tomoko Hosoo
Aerys Bates
Susana Lopez
Germ Roverso
Michelle Richardson
Emi Richardson


Michele Bellone
Nathan Ayres
Russ Briggeman Jr


Robert Medrano – Technical Sound Designer
Josh Packard – Senior Sound Designer
Kurt Willoughby
Takumi Sloan
Marcus Davis


Eric Varela
Tanner Myers
Michelle Richardson


Eldar Mamedov Ilgarovich
Liam Montgomery
Jason Sikorsky
Kirill Efanov
Brandon James Smith
Mark Aschebrook
Elwood Brown
Alex Bell
Charles Berry
Samed Kadirogullari
Sam Enterlewd
Gleb Branitskiy
David Eldred
David Schryver Jr
Jeffrey Wubbema
Heather Trammel
Benkovszky Tamás
Genaro Antonio Brito IV
Boris Moshkov
Warren ‘SlipSlot’ Dance
Brad Bishop
Jordan Schiffman
G.K “PoorPockets McNewHold”
Lucy Hinton
Elizabeth Frances Reynolds
Day Ikea Isabella Díaz
Andrei Chapliuk
William Lemiech
Eva Shirosaki
Asra Hill
Alex “FKP” Lloyd
Christian Hunter
Cyrus Syed
Kelsea Blair

Voice Credits

The POSTAL Dude – Rick Hunter
The POSTAL Dude – Corey Cruise
The POSTAL Dude – Jon St. John
The POSTAL Dude – Zack Ward
Carter Cruise – Herself **
Joseph Bellow – David Eddings
Narrator – Laki Skouras
Skeevy Hotel Owner – Justin Hill
Prison Warden – Dirk Nelson
Sewer Foreman – Justin Elias
Animal Catcher – Eric Varela
El Plago – Juan Agguire
Broken Mask El Plago – Anthony Ingruber
P. Tinklage – Jake Parr
Kunny – McKinlay Jaret-Schachter
Mayor MikeJ The Bidet King of Edensin – Mike Jaret-Schachter
Vince Desi – Vince Desi
Commander Hardrock – Samantha Mowbray
Phil/Lil – China Young
Stoned Pet Shop Cashier – Anthony Ingruber
Los Oscuros Radio Man – Justin Elias
Police Station Desk Officer – Anthony Biggers
Mexican Gang Members – James Avestruz, Hazencruz
Mexican Border Patrol Agents – James Avestruz, Hazencruz
Sensitive Hipsters Leader – Tanya Kozak
Shito Bandito Leader – Hazencruz
Anal Hygiene Matters Protestor – Andy Mack
Wipe Militant Cultist – Jordan Belobraydic
French Cook – Noah “UnstoppableGiant” Deibler
Angry Male Casino Patron – Jack Houghton
Entitled Female Casino Patron – Casey Richardson
Game Developer Nerd – Brec Storer
Heister – Dennis Collins
Mountain Man – Austin Brewer
Race Announcer – Jeran “Jason Moore” Ugokwe
Snooty Scooter Racer – Aaron Haworth
Associate – Jack Andrew Qunintal Hougton
Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate – Alan Williams
Republican Gubernatorial Candidate – Arty Schachter
Police Station Announcer – Gloria Barbosa
Dam Foreman – Gianni Matragrano
Cult Leader – Gianni Matragrano
Generic Cult Member – Joshua Packard
Gimp Leader – Trevor Bennett
Male Mercenary – Gianni Matragrano
Tomb Raider #1 – Ryan Mart
Tomb Raider #2 – Chris Guerrero
Male NPC – Nathan Miller, Andy Mack, Grant Hunker, Marcus Davis, Eric Varela, Justin Elias, Mike Jaret-Schachter
Female NPC – China Young, McKinlay Jaret-Schachter, Athena Apodaca, Stacie Treumann
Scooter Trial Announcer – Chris Peters
Crack Dealer – Civvie11
Michael – Vinny Desiderio
Lovey The Love Boar – Mike Jaret-Schachter
Robbie – Justin Elias
Pontius – Eric Varela
Radio Callers – Civvie11, Sam Garn, Andrea Shaw, Josh Packard, Megan Malanowski, Daniel Hickey, Gareth Von Kallenbach, Rene Wallin, Lola Mae, Dave Eddings
Random Bystanders – Tyler Heaps, Eliseo Rangel, Zeca Darosa, George Wild Owl

** – Carter Cruise was recorded at Splyce Studios https://www.splycestudios.com/

KDTF Credits

Written and Produced by James Avestruz

Main Cast
James Clark – James Avestruz
Max Wilden – Max Henderson

Car Mom and Tele-Dad
Melissa – Cas Richardson
Tele-Dad Narrator – Paxton Lee
Tele-Dad – James Avestruz
Tele-Son – Christopher L.

Conspiracy Theorist
Conspiracy Theorist – John Johnson
Dante Tonitini – Gianni Matragano

Colleen – Sarah Parker
Twerk Twerk Devolution Announcer – Cas Richardson
Twerk Twerk Devolution Shout – James Avestruz

Air Disaster Aficionado
Air Disaster Aficionado – Ari B.
Quit Caller – Sarah Parker
WaiterHater Bro #1 – Paxton Lee
WaiterHater Bro #2 – Max Henderson
WaiterHater Driver – Tanya Kozak

Shock Jock Prank
Spooge (AKA Larry) – Ari B.
Jizz (AKA Phil) – James Avestruz
Station Owner – Paxton Lee
Menial Mobile Narrator – Nik Eastburn

Time Loop & ChumpUSA
Glen – Paxton Lee
ChumpUSA Narrator – James Avestruz

Angry Landlord
Gay Bar Caller – John Johnson
Leopold the Landlord – Paxton Lee
Kids Cryin’ Narrator – Cas Richardson

Murderer Wants a Job
Angry Caller – Ari B.
Crack Needle Caller – James Avestruz
Wannabe Murderer – Sarah Parker
Riverside Coffee Narrator – B. Charles

Furry Artist and his Ad
Gavin Graham (Twilight Twinkle, Esq.) – Joshua “Akasen” Faria

Mike J’s Bidets
Mayor Mike J. – Mike Jaret-Schachter

Tommy Jax Interview
Tommy Jax – Rob Stant

Music from https://filmmusic.io
“Funkorama” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Music from https://filmmusic.io
“Poppers and Prosecco” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Shiny Tech II by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4348-shiny-tech-ii
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Sax, Rock, and Roll by Kevin MacLeod
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Rocket Power by Kevin MacLeod
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The Whip (Extended Version) by Kevin MacLeod
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Still Pickin by Kevin MacLeod
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Blue Ska by Kevin MacLeod
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On Hold For You by Kevin MacLeod
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Vegas Glitz by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4580-vegas-glitz
License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license


Simplified Chinese – Jinhui Wu, Yilan Liu, Mingwei Yang, Xiaowen Nie
Spanish – Gilberto Irias, Yadira Mariño
German – Robert Hessland
French – Sebastian Picard-Marois, Matthieu Gouault
Polish – Joachim von Snoch
Italian – Mirko Breath Vercelli, Michele Bellone
Japanese – Tao Asada
Danish – Alex Danino
Turkish – Omer Ramazanoglu & Orhan Baris Yilmaz
Arabic -Freddy Fakhri ElMesselmani
Ukrainian – Oleg Fedorenko

Swedish – Localize Direct https://www.localizedirect.com/

Swedish Translator – Christian Hoel

Swedish Editor – Elias Iskandar

Danish – Localize Direct https://www.localizedirect.com/

Norwegian – Localize Direct https://www.localizedirect.com/

Norwegian Translator – Atle Viste

Norwegian Editor – David Daleng

Dutch – Localize Direct https://www.localizedirect.com/

Finnish – Localize Direct https://www.localizedirect.com/

Dutch and Finnish Translator: Nathalia García

Russian – True Dubbing Studio https://truedubbing.com

Russian Translators
Alex “Major Spieler” Popenkov
Aleksei “Bl2ck Dog” Esipov

Mikhail Voloshin

Steam Page Translations

Xiaowen Nie, Nana McGinnis, Emin Kibar, Robert Hessland, Jude Taylor, Piotr Sztukowski, Dominik Włodarczyk, Benkovszky Tamás (F2shy)

Special Thanks

EmEm, David Schryver Jr, Jesse Schermann, Niko “Xonikful” Virtanen, Joe ‘EDM’ Roble, Eric Sheldon, Michael Dullweber, Shawn Shaffer, Sascha Bärenklau, Robert Hessland,
Bryan Hernandez, Connor Atkinson, Nina Appelt, Craig Zwiers, Spiffy1209, Brandon Smith,
Marvin Weisbrod, Hellbent, Christopher James, Dylan Batsch, Tyler Andre,
Vector, Joseph Frank, Marcus Hartung, Akuma no Tsubasa, Caulin Stephens-Lucas, Clark Parker Connors, DolStallSmikf, Bailey Robinson, David Bellis, Lukáš Mišaga


RIP Taylor Fierro Davis 1/15/96 – 10/17/2020 I AM SAFE NOW
RIP Sean Boon 12/15/90 – 4/5/2021
RIP Brian Jenkins 1/25/72 – 2/15/22
RIP Gene Lipkin 3/5/48 – 9/10/22
RIP Laki Skouras 9/3/63 – 4/16/22

Public Relations

Robert Brown, Kyle Prahl, Josh Silverman, AJ Trulin, Haylee Kiedrowski & Zack Furniss at Stride PR
Albertino Robelló, Vera Valeeva & Selinam Ampoat Superindie.Games

Trevalyan Kelly – RWS Office Assistant
Carlo Scarpa – Marketing Assistant

Fan Art Credits

“Bumpy” by Nicholas Palmer

Music Credits

POSTAL 4: No Regerts Main Menu Music
“Dirty Dangles”
Written by Marcus Davis

POSTAL 4: No Regerts Credits Music
Written and performed by Liver Killer

“Bumbling Bumblebees”
Written by Takumi Sloan, Vocal by Marcus Davis, Lyrics by Mike Jaret-Schachter

Tattoo The Scars – “Bridges Burned”
Written by Marcus Davis, Billy Grey, and Dusty Winterrowd

Age Of Atlas – “Natural Sciences”
Written and performed by Kye Beavers, Peter Measures, Mikey Scott, and Keelan Beavers

Amplifire – “Rats and Thieves”
(c) Amplifire 2019

Amplifire – “Crash Landing”
(c) Amplifire 2019

Before The Silence – “Gravity Falls”
Written by Mike Ballinger, Ricky Elam, Jacob Ryan, Jesse Espich, and James Ringstrom

BxOxMxBx – “Through the Window”
Written and performed by Ragnar, Crooked Joe, Dillon Sizemore, Owen Collett

Dopesick – “Skin To The Bones”
Written by Adam Albright and Jonathan Russell

Dopesick – “Standing In The Dust”
Written by Adam Albright and Jonathan Russell

Dopesick – “Freaks”
Written by Adam Albright and Jonathan Russell

Dopesick – “The Big Ugly”
Written by Adam Albright and Jonathan Russell

Greek Nacho – “Pull My Finger”
Written and performed by Greek Nacho

Lephan & Q! – “Hold Me”
Produced by Stephan Salas & Andres Quintero

Mayflwr – “Back To You”

Mix in Fire In The Hole – “SIV”

MUZANA – ”Light”
Produced by Ethan Schnitzer

Nokturnal – “Hybrid Warriors”
Written and performed by Steve and Michael Chryplywy

RΛRE – “No Use”
Produced by Manny Ahumada

St. Varela – “BRT”
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St. Varela – “Better”
Written by Eric Varela, Sean Terry, and Ryan Larson

St. Varela – “For A Good Time Call Eric”
Written by Eric Varela, Sean Terry, and Ryan Larson

Stands With Fists – “Tyrannosaurus Sex”
Written by Jonathan Russell and Omar Hernandez

Stands With Fists – “The Meaning”
Written by Jonathan Russell and Omar Hernandez

The Monarch Phenomenon – “Endangering Circuitty”

The Monarch Phenomenon – “Paradoxical Sphere”

The Monarch Phenomenon – “The Game”

The Monarch Phenomenon – “Chloromotion”

ZALLUM – “Sunset”, available on all streaming platforms

Welcome to the Show by Kevin MacLeod
Link: incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4614-welcome-to-the-show
License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

TweakerRay – “Zorin”
Written and produced by by TweakerRay

Lee Jackson – “Interstate 30”
Written and produced by D. Lee Jackson

Produced by Thomas Yorkshire

Mitch “Vashima” Cutler – “Surveillance of the Mind”
Produced by Mitch Cutler

Ectoplague – “The Crescent Heights Slasher”
Written and performed by Ectoplague
Mixed and mastered by Frank Sinistra of We Are Magonia
Executive Production by Lisa Rustage

Mike Norvak – “Nova Collapse”
Written and produced by Mike Norvak of Noise Boulder Records

Jon of the Shred – “The Hunter Becomes Prey”
Written and produced by Jon of the Shred

L’adila – “Ammo Pool”
Written and produced by L’adila

Animated Inanimate [Cheogh] – “Agent Ataraxia”
Written and produced by Agent Ataraxia

Vladislav Zharkov – “Gunplay”
Written and produced by Vladislav Zharkov

EdenSynth radio station produced by Jake Parr
Promos and commercials mixed by TweakerRay

Pushka Studios (PlayStation)


Kirill Mukhin – CEO
Oleg Fedorenko – CTO


Maksym Fesenko – Project Manager

Game Design

Eugeniy Norokha – Lead Game Designer
Volodymyr Hulin
Oleksii Kysil

Unreal Engine Developers

Alexander Sokolenko – Project Lead Unreal Engine Developer
Kirill Kalayda – Lead Unreal Engine Developer
Anton Samarin
Ihor Pylypenko
Oleksii Karambovych
Igor Anoshin


Victor Pavlov – Technical Artist
Stanislav Strilets – Lead UI/UX Designer
Vladimir Masalov – UI/UX Designer
Anton Kharchenko – UI/UX Designer


Oleksii Rohalskyi – Lead QA Engineer
Vladislav Skacheev
Aleksandr Solovyov
Vlad Tupikov

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Unreal© Engine, Copyright 1998-2024, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved. Unreal© is a registered trademark of Epic Games, inc.

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