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Talking POSTAL 2 Dude Doll


BACK IN STOCK on 7/10!!! 

No longer does the Dude have to remain an imaginary voice in the back of your head! Carry him around in the palm of your hand and listen to his dulcet voice on the go with the Talking POSTAL Dude Doll! Standing 7.8″ when in an upright and “erect” position, the Dude will speak one of 29 gut-busting (and if you’re not careful, head-smashing) phrases when you lovingly squeeze the alien head adorning his shirt, featuring both classic and new lines straight from the throat of Rick Hunter! Take the Dude with you on the bus, to your place of work, or to your next church group meetup and regale yourself and others with his urine-soaked words of wisdom wherever you go!


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Weight5.6 oz