Our dear old friend The Postal Dude has been in some wacky adventures over the last two decades, hasn’t he? From getting evicted from his home, to traveling to Japan, to picking up a carton of milk. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if Postal Dude sat down and accused H.P. Lovecraft of smelling of elderberries? Or if he argued that Serious Sam’s mother has a steaming romp with Sam’s math teacher? Or what if Postal Dude went to heaven and told God himself that his hat and his sense of style are not interesting, to his face?

Well wonder no more, you weirdo with a bizarrely specific imagination! Soon (on July 25th, to be exact) all these hypothetical scenarios (and much more) can become a reality, when Postal Dude arrives to the timeless classic video game about polite exchanges of disagreement – Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator, from Vile Monarch and Gambitious Digital Entertainment . He will come equipped with all the bizarre lines and insults that are standard to the game itself, plus he will also have his own unique selection of quips and POSTAL references to throw at his opponents. All this voiced by the one true blue Postal Dude himself – Rick Hunter!

So get hyped, and start counting the days! Postal Dude will be dropping into your favorite Insult Simulator on July 25th, this year! How will Lo Wang react to being told that his father poses nude for Krotchy? Find out on July 25th!

July 25th!