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You ever have one of those weeks where you feel like every day is actually the day before it? For example, have you ever gone through an entire Friday being absolutely certain that it’s actually a Thursday? Yeah, us too! It becomes a bit of a problem when you’re supposed to be putting out a Friday-specific article, on your website, though… not that that would ever happen to us! What, this? No, this isn’t a day late. This is just our… Saturday Special… of Feedback Friday. It’s a new thing that we’re doing… this one time.

Anyway, as some of you may have seen, we’re doing a week-long sale of the entire POSTAL series on Steam, which will end in a mere two days. That’s right – from the original POSTAL, to POSTAL Redux – it’s all there, and it’s all wildly affordable! Except some of you pointed out that something called Postal III is strangely not part of this sale, and you’ve expressed desire to buy that one as well. Oh boy, you young naive fools…


Postal III, for the uninitiated, was outsourced to a Russian publisher for development. We wrote it, we created design documents for it, and then passed them along. Unfortunately said Russian publisher was struck hard financially during this time, and Postal III was dealt many cost-cutting measures, such as development being handed off to a smaller, inexperienced and underfunded development studio, corners being cut by deviating away from the original design, and the game being released in an unfinished state, barely out of its Alpha stages. It’s still owned by the Russian publisher, and we have no control over its development, updates or when it goes on sale. We also don’t receive anything from its sales. Simply put – it’s not our game.

But for many of you, this simply hasn’t been enough to deter you from the idea of buying Postal III and trying it out anyway. Well, that’s what this week’s Feedback Friday will be all about – showing the public reception of Postal III, so you can get a better idea of whether or not Postal III is worth your time or your money (SPOILER ALERT: it’s really not).

Postal III Steam Reviews