You know, in retrospect last week’s Feedback Friday seemed entirely too current and positive. Though we generally like to stay current in these articles, every once in a while we do like to take a step back in time and take a look at the reactions from the public that we’ve received over the many years that we’ve been active. And as our fans may be aware – we’ve never shied away from negative feedback. So this week, let’s take a look at some negative responses from years past.

Some of you may remember that back before the release of POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost, we put out a screenshot of a single joke from the game, that was made as a reference to a famous scene from another video game, that you may possibly have heard of. It was a small one-off gag from the expansion, and we thought it’d be funny to share with people, as a then-relevant joke about current events of the time. But, understandably, there were people who didn’t quite appreciate our sense of humor, and they decided to voice their dissatisfaction across several outlets. The following content of this article consists of quotes from a specific forum thread, made entirely in reaction to that one screenshot. We found most of these to be quite amusing, and hopefully, so will you!

Forum Reactions to Paradise Lost Screenshot

“The tens of people who want Postal 2 will find this hilarious.”
“I read this as “Portal 2”.

Now I am extremely depressed.”

“I thought the title said Portal 2. :(“
“DAmn! They just pwned games journalism and Call of Duty. I don’t know if games journalism can recover from such a blow. Anyone who understands the internet and memes will know just how wicked sick this pwn is.”
“Swing and a miss.

It’s like a nerd trying to punch a T-Rex.”

“Finally, Running with Scissors, maker of the 2003’s “Kill and Pee on Osama Game” Postal 2, chimes in.”
“Dear Running With Scissors…


“Scathing commentary from a developer so incompetent that they had to discontinue Postal 3 and instead work on a game for edgy middle schoolers from 2003.”
“haha funny meme”
“Kind of amusing I guess…”
“What’s surprising is that this bad game got DLC, though is amusing nonetheless.”
“Not that I am surprised the developers of Postal are probably terrible, I am kind of surprised they are so open about it”

I think I’m going to contact Steam and ask them to remove Postal 1 and 2 from my account. Is there a precedence for removing a license? I got Postal 1 from a bundle and 2 as a gift.”

“i wonder what, and communities will make of this earth-shattering postal 2 update. perhaps we’ll share our opinions on and then watch viva la bam”
“That game is over 10 years old. Why is this happening? Also how does Running With Scissors still exist? I’m pretty sure Postal 2 is the last game they worked on.”

See you all next week!