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Hello once more, dear reader, to our written highlight reel of excellent mods for POSTAL 2 on Steam’s Workshop. Are you excited for the release of POSTAL Redux, in just two days? Well you should be, because it’s pretty much going to be the greatest game anyone’s ever played*. With our focus shifting towards Redux (and because my list of mods to highlight has run fairly dry), this is going to be our closing article, for the time being. But wipe those tears away, you! We will be filling the hole in your heart with a brand new different weekly feature that we’ll start next week!

To close this epic saga, and to give you something to occupy yourself with until Redux is out, we’ve put together a list of playable custom maps, campaigns and total conversions for POSTAL 2. Brand new stories, brand new areas to explore and more errands than you can shake a stick at! From holiday adventures with Santa, to horrific journeys through skeleton-filled castles, there is a little something for everyone here this week.

*May or may not be accurate


We’re gonna go over a wide variety of different settings and themes, so let’s start off simple with an old fan-favorite.

This is one of the classic POSTAL 2 mods, nearly a decade old, that brings two new maps to play through and an arsenal of new weapons to play around with. In the spirit of POSTAL 1, the mod also features an on-screen kill-counter. After all, if you’re gonna blasting away with a shotgun, you might as well be thorough.

Santa’s Lair

Now, what could be more appropriate for late spring, than yearning for the holidays? We’ve got a couple of christmas-themed mods just for the occasion!

Go on a hunt for Santa Claus through his (oddly familiar looking) underground lair. Watch out for his little undersized unpaid-labour minions! But on this journey through the ice cold depths, you might find more than just jolly ol’ St. Nick. You might just find… yourself.

(Requires the Paradise Lost DLC)

A Very Postal Christmas

Here is another POSTAL 2 classic, updated for the Steam version.

Go on a proper holiday adventure, through the massive 30 levels that this total conversion offers. Perform your errands. Write your name in the snow. Just spread the holiday cheer, man!

The Thing

Let’s switch gears away from the holidays to the more atmospheric-horror angle, though still staying within the cold confines of winter.

A mod from 2005, inspired by a certain film of the same title. You’ve crashed your car into the only telephone pole in an empty field, and you’re all alone. Luckily there is a building nearby, so off you go to find some help. But beware – things may not be what they appear. It’s a simple horror campaign to play through, so curl up under the sheets and turn off the lights.


Let’s keep exploring the horror angle. Spooky castles? Spooky scary skeletons? This certainly qualifies!

You’re in a scary castle, and there’s a blue moon in the sky. So of course, there is an endless stream of skeletons coming after you! You start out with a small cache of supplies to help you fight them off, but in the end it’s futile, as no matter how many of them you kill, they just keep coming. How long will you last against them?

MJP Nightmare City

This last stop on our “atmospheric horror” tour is a set of 16 levels to explore, including city streets, castles, mansions and zombie labs (all very spooky, naturally).

Recommended for playing in combination with the Ultimate Sandbox mods.

Postal Dude Life: New Atmosphere

A rarely-explored element of the Combine takeover is that they took control of more than just City 17. Yes, even our very own Paradise, Arizona was affected. Now is your chance to see what POSTAL 2 would be like if it was Half-Life 2, instead, as seen in the screenshot to the left.

You’ve got an arsenal of Half-Life 2 weapons (Gravity Gun included), Combine enemies, Zombies and headcrabs. This mod certainly knows how to impress, as any one of the screenshots would require a second glance for you to realize that they’re not Half-Life 2 screenshots.


Why stop at just one Valve game, though?

This extremely ambitious mod brings very Portal-like environments, some puzzles to solve and a functional Portal Gun for you to experiment with. It’s very unfinished as of yet, with only two rooms to play in, but this is still a very impressive mod to try out.


And one more mod that brings a different game into POSTAL 2, for the road. At least it’s not a Valve game this time.

If you’ve ever wondered what the first level of Red Faction would be like, if it was played through the eyes of POSTAL Dude… well then you have some very odd thoughts. But apparently you’re not alone, as someone made a mod that brings you exactly what you want! You have a whole team fighting with you, and two objectives to accomplish. I wonder how long until someone remakes Croc: Legend of The Gobbos, in POSTAL 2

(Requires the Paradise Lost DLC)

Errand Demo

And finally it all comes full-circle with this demo item of the “Get Milk” Monday errand, and a remake of the map from the old POSTAL 2 Demo. If you were one of the folks that spent countless hours losing themselves in the old demo, then this mod is the blast of nostalgia that you never knew you wanted!

And so, that’s five weeks of workshop highlights wrapped up. That’s all for now, folks! See you in our new feature next week!