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It’s the ‘Workshop Wednesdays Four Week Special Extravaganza‘! I hope you’re all feeling good and excited for the upcoming May 20 release of POSTAL Redux. We sure are! We’re all working as hard as we can, putting together the finishing touches, to make sure you get the best game possible on that fateful date. But we’re never too busy to dedicate a little time to our community, and to highlight some of the best mods available for our games!

This week, we’ve put together a list of mods from the POSTAL 2 Steam Workshop, that not only help enhance your fun rampages, but they also work well together with some, if not all, of the other mods listed. As per usual, these mods are made by an assortment of folks, ranging from POSTAL fans to the RWS crew themselves. So start subscribing, downloading and blasting away!

Cat Mode

Because we’re all about earning those sweet, sweet internet points, here is a mod that replaces all the generic bystander models in the game with cats. If you’re a cat person, this means you get to walk around your dream-town filled with those wonderful fluffy little critters, and even gather them in your coat.

If you’re more of a dog person, however… well… there is a rocket launcher in the game. And you can pick up the cats and stuff them onto your Assault Rifle or Shotgun. So there’s something for everybody!

Cat Mode (Paradise Lost Edition)

This mod functions like the previous one, except that it’s for the Paradise Lost DLC, for “500% more post-apocalyptic compatibility”. With these two mods hand-in-hand, you will be sure that you’ll be surrounded with all the cats your little heart could possibly handle, wherever you go!

(Requires Paradise Lost DLC, obviously)

Fast Bystanders

The residents of Paradise have adjusted to your constant insanity by training hard at getting the hell away from you as quickly as possible. This mod significantly increases the running speed of bystanders, giving you more of a challenge in hunting them down.

Combine this with the Cat Mode mods, for maximum fun!

Fabulous World!

Of course a cat-filled world might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So as an alternative, we offer you this mod that asks you one simple question: “Do you regret not being fabulous enough?” In this mod, The POSTAL Dude suddenly finds himself in a world where everyone has a keen fashion sense, a sharp wit and good hygene. One must think that POSTAL Dude must feel very self-conscious, being the simple white-trash man, that he is.

Prepare to enter a world of FAB-U-LOUS!

Fabulous Puke!

A perfect addition for the ‘Fabulous World!’ mod, this workshop item makes the world of Paradise even more fabulous, by changing the disgusting orange puke of the past into pure rainbows!

Just apply both of these mods, and you will be able to “experience the ultimate fabulousness!

ED Extra Weapons

Now that we’ve got a selection of mods for changing the bystanders in the world around you, let’s see about spicing up your inventory kit as well! This mod brings you all the additional weapons from the popular ‘Eternal Damnation‘ mod, that haven’t already been included into the main game.

Pitchforks, Katanas, Dual Glocks, Drills, Hammers, Uzis, Shurikens, Crossbows or even just your fists! It’s all spread around different locations in the game, just waiting to be utilized!

Brutal Weapons

Now that we’ve freshened up and expanded your game with some new inventory, what about your existing weapons? For that, here comes a mod that buffs the damage of your Pistol, Assault Rifle and MP5 to ridiculous heights, allowing you to dismember people with the AR, slice them in half with the MP5 or blow their heads right off with the Pistol.

Some people might call this overpowered. I call it a real good time.

Enhanced Explosions

With a freshly enhanced arsenal of explosive weaponry, it wouldn’t hurt to also polish up the explosions themselves. This mod replaces the textures of grenade explosions, glass explosions and even head explosions with higher-def versions, making them look much prettier.

For the homicidal lunatic, with an an appreciative eye for bloody explosions. Combine with either previous two mods to just have an all-around better time.


Another modernized mod, in the spirit of the ‘First Person Body‘ mod that we’ve already mentioned (use both together, along with the ‘Tinnitus‘ mod for the true modern POSTAL 2 experience). This wonderful workshop offering brings on-screen effects for different actions in the game, such as scratches when being attacked by cats, water drops when you’re in rain, lens flares when you’re near fire and even drops of urine when you piss on yourself.

Though, the real show-stopper here is the on-screen blood effects, and this is the reason why you should combine this mod with the previous few ones, since you’ll probably be having a lot more blood flowing around. Additionally, you might also want to combine them with the ‘Ludicrous Gibs‘ and ‘Limb Weapons‘ mods to fully enhance the blood and gore levels during your killing spree. You’ll be seeing red, for sure!

Low Graphics Mod

The final mod for this week is not really here to be combined with any other mods (though I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t still do so), but we still felt this is an important one for all of our fans out there who may not be able to run POSTAL 2 on the latest and fanciest hardware.

Clearly, POSTAL 2 is one of the best-looking games on the market today, and we know that there might be a lot of you out there who just can’t seem to hit that perfect 60fps sweet-spot, when playing. So this mod is here to bring down the overwhelming quality of the graphics low enough, to allow you the enjoyment of framerates you never thought possible*!

*Not guaranteed