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Can you feel it, yet? Do you smell that? That’s the smell of spring in the air – May is here! The annual rebirth and rejuvenation of life has begun. The flowers and trees are blossoming, the birds are singing, the children are playing, and your grandparents are tending to their little gardens. It is truly a wonderful and lively time of year, when the sun is shining bright and warm, and you can feel the smell of grass and fresh air!

So what better way to spend your time during this glorious awakening of nature, than to curl up in your dark, stuffy room and try out some POSTAL 2 mods? That’s right, another week has passed, and so it’s once again time to look through some highlights from the POSTAL 2 Workshop on Steam. As always, some of these are made by members of our community, while some were done by the RWS crew.

So why venture out into the dangerous wilderness to experience nature, when you can do it from the safety and comfort of your own chair, thanks to the miracle of the POSTAL 2 interactive real life simulationtm!

Open House

Before venturing outside, you’d wanna make sure that your house is in order, and that your significant other is feeling comfortable.

This mod grants you entry to Postal Dude’s trailer at the begininning of the game. You can walk around, and even say hello to his beautiful and charming wife. Perhaps, you could even give her a very close look at the shovel that you’ll use later for… spring-time gardening, around your yard.

Camp Crystal Lake

Of course spring is also a great time of year for a vacation. Why not go camping by this beautiful (and oddly familiar sounding) lake, where you can take a boat out into the water, or practise your survival skills!

This mod gives you a large custom map to explore, and other campers to… engage in delightful conversation. Just make sure you remember to pack a machete for… all those vines! The forest can be a real jungle.

Various Burned Skins

Ouch! Make sure you remember to pack your sunscreen, so you don’t end up like these unfortunate sunbathers. That’ll take forever to peel off!

Install this mod if you want some more variety in your burnt corpses. It gives each bystander their own unique burned flesh appearance.

Open World

Now that you’re all packed up, it’s time to hop in your ride and hit the beach! Don’t forget to bring your friends, for maximum fun!

Here is a mod that throws you into a huge open map, possibly with your friends (assuming that multiplayer works for you), even. Features all sorts of tools for editing and manipulation, nuclear weapons and even vehicles.

Ludicrous Gibs

While you’re out there having a good time, you better make sure that you don’t start cutting up, or you might end up being cut… up…?…eh…

This takes the over-the-top gibs and gore from the popular Eternal Damnation mod, and includes it in the main game, more more outrageously bloody kills.

Time Machine

Of course, one can consistently enjoy spring only for so long, until the blues sets in and you start longing for other weather conditions.

For all owners of the Paradise Lost DLC (required), this mod gives you a time machine in your inventory, that allows you to switch between original POSTAL 2 levels and their Paradise Lost counterparts.

Priestz 2 Rabbis

In spring… you… uhm… I don’t know, how to tie this with spring in any way, so I think I’ll just drop this gimmick now. I took it as far as it could go!

But anyway, here is a mod for those of you who feel like feel like the catholic church gets unfairly singled out, in POSTAL 2‘s religious representations. It replaces every priest in the game with a Jewish rabbi, giving you a whole new world of sin to express.

Skeleton Weapons

It is highly possible that you have found yourself overwhelmed while playing on Halloween, by the spooky, scary skeletons that spawn from the ground.

Here is a mod that might lift your courage, giving you their spooky weapons to use for your own.

Construction Worker Bystanders

For those of you looking to finally complete your Village People lineup in POSTAL 2, here is a mod that will bring you one step closer to making your dreams come true.

It adds a construction worker bystander type to the game. You may encounter them in appropriate areas of construction work in Paradise, either on the job, or on break (the lazy bums).

Deadly Kick

Who needs a sledgehammer, a rocket launcher, a shotgun or a stick of dynamite, when you’ve got your own two feet and a good pair of boots? Postal Dude’s been doing leg-thrusts and running laps around the track, and he’s ready to do the Can-Can around Paradise.

This mod dramatically upgrades the power of your kick, allowing you to slice and blow people to bits, with just one single kick. You might say that this mod gives your boot quite the…kick?

Get it?

Ah, to hell with this! I’m going home. I don’t need to impress you people.