Here we are. A week has gone by, and so it is time for us to, once again, pay tribute to some of our favorite mods and tweaks for POSTAL 2, on Steam Workshop. Some are creations of the community, while others are creations from members of the RWS family.

From becoming an old game reviewer, to becoming the Pokemon Master. If, after 13 years, the POSTAL 2 experience has started becoming stale for you, then we’ve got plenty of suggestions for you to spice things up. So, if you own the Steam version of POSTAL 2, then why don’t you take a look below?

Pigeon Hunter Mission

Vince and his brutally uncompromising cost-cutting measures may have kept you from experiencing this Super-Fun Pigeon Hunter Mission, but thanks to time, the Workshop and independent budgets, this winner of The 2014 RWS Mod Competition allows you to finally go on that pigeon-spree that Niko Bellic would be proud of.

It’s for the kids. You gotta think of the kids…

First Person Body

If you’ve ever found your immersion broken in POSTAL 2, when you look down and see nothing but air where your feet should be, then this mod’s got you covered! It brings POSTAL 2 into the modern age of… Halo 2(?), by putting visible legs and feet underneath you.

The future is now!

Hima’s Female Skins

For the true ‘equal-opportunity lunatics’ out there, who feel like POSTAL 2 is lacking in female representation, there is this skin pack that increases the diversity of ladies for you to… light a flame underneath. Or to urinate on!

From strong women of the law, to hip 30-year-old college students in knee-high stockings – this pack’s got victims for all preferences. Even yours, you silly little deviant, you!

Old Timer Bystanders

Not to discriminate the “chronologically-challenged”, as well, this mod takes cut content from POSTAL 2, mixes it with audio from POSTAL III and brings you old grandpas walking around Paradise, who just can’t wait to tell you about their experience from the war, or to complain about how everything you do is not as good as how their generation used to do it.

Holy Hand Grenade

And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, “O Lord, bless this thy hand grenade, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.”

This mod places the most holy relic in several locations around Paradise. Find it, take out the holy pin, count to three (no more, no less) and lob it towards your foe and you shall snuff it.

Limb Weapons

Possibly one of the very few entertaining features from POSTAL III was the ability to pick up dismembered limbs and use them to hit the person, that you cut them off from, with.

Well, good news everyone! Now you can enjoy this feature in a good game! Beat someone up with their own arm, play golf with a leg or collect trophy-heads! The sky’s the limit!

The Irate Gamer as The Postal Dude

This hilarious parody/joke mod finally allows you to play as everyone’s favorite ‘D-List Internet Celebrity’ from 10 years ago.

Replaces the player model, adds fantastically authentic voice clips and gives you some familiar NES accessories as weapons. This is the ultimate POSTAL 2 mod for the connoisseur of vintage YouTube Retro game reviewers.


Sure, you can urinate on a donut and have a police officer eat it… But don’t you want to be the very best (like no one ever was)? Well now you can, by being the king of the jungle in Paradise with these Pokeballs that spawn random animals (or optionally Boss enemies).

There is no free healthcare or unsupervised 10-year-olds in Paradise, but there is no shortage of potential rivals wandering about! Mike J, I choose you!


While you’re sitting down and playing your video games, do you ever stop and think to yourself how fun it would be to play a video game in the video game? Well, someone apparently did, and they bring you this mod that allows you to play little mini-event games at The Arcade!

So, after you’re tired of setting fire to the inhabitants of Paradise, why not take a breather at the arcade and play some Fag Hunter or maybe some Postal Kombat? Still waiting on a playable version of Sym Homeless, though…


Hey, if you’re gonna go wild in Paradise, and whip your genitalia out for the female bystanders to laugh at, make sure you do it responsibly.

This mod adds condoms as a weapon to your inventory (and/or replaces the scissors weapon), which you can hand out to people, to promote safe recreational fornication… with lethal results. Those wrappers man… they’re razor sharp.