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One of the core foundations of our games that we, at Running With Scissors, have stood by since day one, is our dedication to user-created content. Ever since the map editor in POSTAL 1, we have ensured that users have the tools they’d need to create their own levels and other mods for our games. Nowadays we’ve also got the addition of the Steam Workshop for both POSTAL 2 and, more recently, Paradise Lost, allowing users to submit and share their own POSTAL creations with the world.

With over 200 different mods currently available on Workshop, it’s too easy for many of the more notable, entertaining, high-quality submissions to get lost in the crowd. So we will be doing this weekly feature to highlight some of our favorites, created by our community and some even by our very own team members.

To open up the Workshop pages for any of these mods, just click on the title or image of said mod, Sherlock.


RWS Sign

So that it may never be said that Running With Scissors doesn’t beat people over the head with our symbolism, this mod from Bob Richardson of RWS gives you a Running With Scissors logo sign to beat people over the head with. Figure that one out!



A mod that adds a new game mode, in which you play across all seven days from POSTAL 2 and Apocalypse Weekend but with some added twists, mainly an options menu through which you can customize your experience with tons of new weapons, settings and cheats. Adjust your health or NPC behavior, change your inventory loadout or your current map/day, or pick some props to launch with the Prop Launcher! It’s all here! It works with several other mods (all of which are listed in its description), and comes in an alternate Modifier version, though with several features stripped out.



Made by our very own Rick Foltz. Sick of having your nagging wife send you out on errands? Tired of the grind and rat race of modern life? Then this mod is for you! It adds two sandbox gamemodes that allow you to explore all of Paradise (except for the levels from Apocalypse Weekend) with no errands or map. Explore, experience and explode Paradise to your heart’s content. Secondary gamemode also gives you all weapons and infinite ammo. There is also an optional version for Paradise Lost (requires Paradise Lost).



An update of a classic P2 multiplayer mod, that has been reworked to function in Single Player. Adds packages to maps, that contain a variety of random powerups to play around with during your POSTAL rampage. Also works great with XMod.


Retribution Redux

Not to be confused with POSTAL Redux, this custom story campaign puts you in the shoes of a dying man out for ‘Retribution’ against the drug dealers that murdered his wife and son. What could be more cheerful and fitting for POSTAL? Also includes a paynefully slow bullet-time mechanic.



You know that ringing sound effect that you get in modern shooters, when an explosion goes off near you? Well, now you can have it in POSTAL 2 as well! After all, we want you to feel fully immersed in your POSTAL 2 session, and really feel like you are standing in line to buy milk.



This mod requires the Paradise Lost expansion. If you liked the POSTAL III Dude’s appearance in Paradise Lost, and wish you could play as him, then your prayers have been answered. This mod gives you the option of playing as P3 Dude, either from the get-go or as a wearable outfit in your inventory. We’re really bridging the canon now, aren’t we? This only changes the player model, unfortunately, and doesn’t include the voice acting from POSTAL III.


Weapon Sounds Mini Pack

Tired of the same old sound effects, and want to freshen up your experience? Use this mod to change the sounds of most of the standard P2 guns, for potentially more satisfying and trigger-happy sessions.


Greenlight Clipboard

Some of the POSTAL faithful may remember the video for our Steam Greenlight campaign (there was never a Part 2 as we were greenlit before that could happen), in which the Postal Dude walks around asking people to sign his freshly textured petition to bring POSTAL 2 to Steam. Now, you too can strut around with this freshly outdated clipboard, and threaten people into signing it.


Champ Armor Pack

Paradise is a dangerous place. Protect your dog from danger with this beautiful and resilient armor. The Champ Armor Pack for POSTAL 2 gives you the ability to outfit your favorite dog with a set of stylish armor.

Wouldn’t you pay $2.49 to protect your faithful video game animal companion from danger on your adventures? So would I, but (as of writing this) Steam Workshop mods are free, so you won’t have to pay a dime for this amazing value pack.