Gareth from Skewed and Reviewed speaks to Vince about our upcoming game: POSTAL Redux.

Recently I spoke with Vince Desi: President and Founder of Running With Scissors about their pending game Postal: Redux.  Vince talks to us about why they opted to look back on the Postal Universe and what is next for the enduring and controversial series.


What is the background and setting for the game and is there any variations story wise from the original?

-Long long long ago we had an idea to make a game that was a simple shooter, nothing more, no political statements, we weren’t seeking controversy, just a societal version of the classic arcade Robotron.  With that in mind we created a lead character simply known as the Postal Dude.  POSTAL REDUX is a faithful technical update to the original.  The game opens up with the Postal Dude coming under fire at his home. The story was loosely based on the idea of survival while the setting is a reflection of Southern Arizona, from Bisbee to Tucson, including real life locations like an air force base and an ostrich farm.  Remember HAVE FUN.


What are the new features of the game and why a remake over a sequel?

-We have added a new mode called Rampage which will work similar to Hotline Miami where you are given a score for each level completed.  Your score will be based on various ways you shoot through the level, speed & stringing kills together. We decided to remake P1 as the 20th anniversary is next year.



Has the control system been changed from the original?

-POSTAL Redux will utilize full twin stick controls, the way the original game was always meant to be played!

The series has always been a magnet for controversy. Do you expect more or less this time around and why do you think your games are singled out more than others with similar violence?

-We’re hopeful the title will be accepted and appreciated for what its meant to Be and Is, a simple fun shooter. In the beginning it was easy for the industry to make us the scapegoat since we were an indy dev company without the support of a major publisher.  My only guess is MONEY, its easy to take cover behind the small guy while cashing in on GTA and now COD and other games that have taken violence to a new dramatic level.


What are some of the weapons players will use and have they been tweaked in any way?

-The weapons are identical to the arsenal of the original game.  Obviously we have balanced the weapons to give the game a more modern feel.



What are some of the locales players will face as well as some of the enemies?

-All of the main levels are identical to the original, and we have added a new Carnival level for launch!


If you could go back to your younger self just before launching the first game, what advise would you share from the future?

-Do not trust the media, period.


Despite some ups and downs; the series has remained popular with fans. To what do you attribute this maintained popularity and interest?

-POSTAL is a really fun game to play and its easy.  It’s different in that it gives the player a chance to do stupid stuff and laugh along the way  From the very beginning I was always amazed just watching people watch someone else playing the game.  The laughter was magnetic and instant.  One more thing, from the very first communication we received from our fans we always respectfully replied.  I’ve always believed that video games is a form of art and art is at its best when appreciated honestly and openly.


How tempted have you been to jump to a new IP and what is it about Postal that keeps pulling you back?

-We’ve actually started a few times but it never felt right so we canceled the projects.  Its the FANS that motivate us and quite frankly I find it inspiring to communicate with fans around the world.


What have been your greatest challenges with Redux and your greatest triumphs?

-The Triumph will be when a new generation of gamers play the shit out of it and can’t wait for more.  The main challenge has been to make it look and feel new while keeping the original insane game play.  POSTAL 1 as many call it was a passionate personal journey so keeping that magic is not easy as the tech changes are so dramatic yet because of our honest approach to fun is so obvious I’m confident all the new POSTAL players will feel it right away.


What can you tell us of your console plans for the game?

-POSTAL Redux has been approved and is scheduled to be released for Playstation 4 later this year.  Of course we’d luv to also bring it to Xbox One.


Is it easier or harder to get a game like Postal Redux to market than it used to be?

-Easier, Steam!


What do you see the future holding for RWS and the Postal guy after Postal Redux?

-We’re devoting this year to delivering a great game for the PS4.  The Postal Dude really could use a vacation.  The RWS team is committed to creating a new experience for our fans and we will be gearing up for a new NON POSTAL related effort soon.


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