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“The Cure” Update

Hello, POSTAL people of all persuasions!

As promised in our last developers update, performance has been improved across the board on most PC configurations, ranging from 5 to 20 fps depending on your set up or area of the game you’re in. We’ll continue to work on performance, and things will keep improving with each passing update from here on out.

In the weapons department, we’ve added a new rapid firing pistol, and changed the Fournicator’s model to look more suitably powerful. We’ve also tweaked some of the core weapon mechanics based on feedback, such as increasing the reload speed on some weapons and decreasing the time it takes to switch between weapons.

Work on improving the cinematics and general presentation continues, and we’ve fixed a ton of bugs (as well as probably introducing a load more!).

While we have left the ability to load old saves and resume your game, it may cause you some issues – so starting a new game is advised.

Finally, what you’re seeing here is only a small amount of the work that’s been done since the last update – Thursday is in fall swing behind the scenes!

Thank you for your continued support!



P350. A fast-firing, lightweight alternative to the Deagle / Revolver has been added to the arsenal. It fires as quickly as you can hit the trigger. Fun!

Safety respawn nets to new tiles

New ‘New Game’ menu art

Implemented fluid ribbon collision (Fluids will no longer go through things such as glass. Instead, they’ll collide with them)

Scooter POI icons to all Scooter spawns

Monitor selection slider

‘Back’ button to Fashion Funwear Menu

Warning note for old saves in Save / Load menu


===Changed / Improved===


Significant performance improvements

Reworked and improved the Fournicator model

Added a better Pizza slice pickup model

Improved the Prison Riot cutscene

Improved appearance of the Tazer particle

Made improvements to Carter Cruise’s model

Kunny Island cinematics

Set dressing in Affluent tile houses

Ensured Petitions, Ticket Device etc. are always equipped instead if bare hands come up

Disabled interactions while riding Scooter

Changed how calling out/spotting a known enemy is triggered to just be based on line of sight

Improved flesh impact sounds

Improved interiors in Mexico side

Player cosmetics will now apply to cutscenes

Baton’s modes are now switched using the Weapon Wheel ammo section. Updated the weapon hint on the Baton to reflect the new mode switching

Improved interiors in Mexican town

Adjusted / Set up interest points in Riverside tile

Replaced Job Agency in Affluent tile with overturned truck office

Updated Dude’s cosmetic icons

Buffed the amount of ammo from dropped Ingrams, M16s and AKs

Reduced the spread of the Shotgun and The Fournicator (to improve the range)

Increases the reload speed for the Pistol, AK and M16

Arms and Weapons now have their blood and poo masks cleaned when switching cosmetics

Reverb in various levels

Tweaked the FirstPerson foot for Sexy Outfit and Classic Trenchcoat

Decreased average weapon switching time from 1.2 seconds to 0.6 seconds

Replaced generic Catnip / Dog Treats pickups in Animal Catcher shack

End-of-day movies should now freeze gameplay during the movie




Fixed the poo pile’s texture not melting when damaged by Vitamin X pee

Dude’s foot disappearing when kicking with a cosmetic applied

Extremely slow “initial equip time” for the Bidet Petition

Police crash with Spray Paint

Tinklage (and others) forgetting about the player when going into ragdoll

More crashes that were reported on our forums

Save games not remembering Dude Eye count

AI combat when player is on the Scooter

Softlock when exiting Kunny Island after killing both bosses AND destroying the power boxes

Numerous mapping bugs

Fashion Funwear map icon

Hose not disconnecting if Player is arrested

Collision on the fire hydrants

Removed lag when bringing up Phone

Ensured Animal Catcher errand can’t activate after Monday

‘Sent to Jail’ loading sequence when arrested outside of the Prison tile

Lopsided camera after respawning when doing the mexi cleaner errand

Missing “Respond to Champ hint” dialog

Animal Catcher door reappearing under certain circumstances

Wanted Meter getting stuck and the player never being able to ditch the cops

Unhandled or improperly handled boss cutscene scenarios (Killed both bosses and destroyed all power boxes, killed one boss and bribed the other, reloading game after – bribing one or both bosses)

Sewer transition auto-save

Bosses going back to their original interest points after killing the player

One of the cars in Kunny Island parking lot not exploding

Reduced the impact sound clutter from Melee weapons

Baton’s collapsing animation not playing properly

Spray Paint leaving bullet holes on bodies…

Police interaction with Beggar Sign

Piss not colliding with Fire Hydrants

Broken Art Dealer paintings

Bug where melee swings weren’t cancelled by sprinting

Certain weapon textures appearing broken on NPCs

Kunny and Carter Cruise not getting up properly after getting ragdolled

Gasoline puddles not being created on most surfaces

Dude dialog not playing after completing Bidet Petitioner and Install Bidets errand