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“Dream of Scooter Fournication” Update

It’s update time! We’re still hard at work on Wednesday content for a future update, but in the meantime, here are many of the new features we promised you in the last developer update!

The scooter no longer sucks! Not only can it handle rough terrain better, it will also go up and down curbs like a boss. Furthermore, it will no longer flip over for little or no reason, making it a joy to bumble around on. But the awesomeness does not end there! As you can now live out your wildest mobility scooter drive-by fantasies, because It’s now possible to use one handed weapons while operating the scooter. While we were there, we also improved the model and sound effects as well as adding more colour variations. You’re welcome!

We’ve had many requests to bring back the sawn-off shotgun that was included in a POSTAL 2 update back in 2013. Well, we decided to go one better – Introducing The FOURNICATOR quad-barrel shotgun!

Our ongoing mission to improve the in-game cinematics continues, and this update brings a massive improvement to the Prison Guard intro cinematic.

We had a lot of feedback that people are not too keen on how we have the weapons grouped together currently with the quick selection keys, so we’ve added the option for you guys to customize what weapons are under which numerical keyboard key on the keyboard.

We’ve included two new features that are not yet finished but are still in a good enough place to showcase. Fluids now roll down hills and slopes, and you can expect visual improvements here in a future update. We’ve added a new emote wheel, which you can activate with Alt Fire when you are not currently holding a weapon. We plan to expand on this with more dialogue and better NPC reactions in a future update.

And naturally, we’ve fixed up a lot of bugs and crashes.

Please keep on reporting bugs, giving us your feedback (We read it all and are acting on much of it) and thank you once again for your amazing support.

NOTE: We’ve switched to Vertical FOV calculations which should finally fix the problems ultra wide users were having. You may have to change your settings. Also, going forward, all saves from a previous build will be flagged red. You can still use them, but there may be problems. It’s recommended that you start a new save file to avoid issues.




The Fournicator (Quad-barrel shotgun)


Emote Wheel!


New Scooter! The model and general usability has been greatly improved to make it a lot more fun to drive. We’ve also added the ability to use one-handed weapons whilst on a scooter as well as more color variations!


Here you can see the new suspension system as well as fenders which move and are destructible. You can also see how after falling, Dude will properly ragdoll and the scooter will flip itself up every single time:



New custom weapon switch bindings – It’s now possible to customize what weapons are under which numerical keyboard key

Fluids rolling down hills/walls

More NPCs and interest points in Ghost Town level

More Auto-Save slots

New Third-Person reload animations + animated weapon meshes


===Changed / Improved===


Ghost Town level (Improved interiors, added props)

Ambient sounds in the Arcade

Enemies should now do a quick patrol of the area after losing their combat target

Police should now remain in patrol state until their target’s wanted timer expires

Third person equip/unequip weapon animations

AI will now respond to spotting you and being shot at while patrolling

Improved bidets particle effects!

Bystanders will now get annoyed when you spray them with water

Sound work with NPCs on their mobiles – you will now be able to hear the other side of the conversation

Removed the time slowdowns when opening the color and emote wheel

When firing in an area with bird ambience, the ambience will stop and play a bird flapping away sound

Improved audio design in Animal Catcher cinematic

Greatly improved the Prison Guard intro cinematic

Loading transition into the Sewers is now better

AI should no longer skip patrol state when they lose an enemy, cops will remain on patrol until wanted level goes down

Lots of audio improvements around all levels

Older, incompatible saves will now be marked as red

Replaced various placeholder textures

Made it more obvious that Spike’s dog bowl has been tainted

Tweaked the Shotgun firing animation

Kicking vehicles with ‘Vitamin X’ kick will no longer make them explode right away, instead they’ll fly up into the sky


Replaced the Molotov’s wick particles with a new Material effect




Prison not loading correctly after finishing it and loading from an autosave

Collision on the Big Ship

Keyboard sounds playing if Master slider is set to 0

FOV resetting on game reboot

Blocky Minecraft vomit textures

Broken interactables

Death crawling NPCs spamming their hurt lines

Some clipping in first person weapons

Fixed certain menu settings resetting themselves

Fixed a LOT of crashes (Thank you for all of the reports!)

Bystanders going silent during Sign Beggar errand

Keypad codes turning into ‘???’ after entered

Lightbulbs progress indicator not tracking correctly

Cinematic sound class not respecting volume sliders

Player can no longer trigger the police lockdown more than once (Prevents getting stuck in the station)

Cutscenes running while game is paused

Broken explodable vehicle

Reload breaking when pressing Alt-Fire during reload

Disabled Spawners upon completion of the Slingshot mission (Should not be able to trigger it again now)

Fixed ladders at the back of the Bidet shop, and another ladder in Tag Turf errand

A vast amount of mapping fixes which were reported on both our Steam Forums and Janky forums

Cat Dude cutscene breaking if skipped

Road barrier popping back up when loading a game after finishing Tag Turf

Broken “reload” animation that was assigned to the Spray Paint Can

Hose’s cable getting stuck in walls and stretching

Parking tickets not saving properly

Player holding a phone as a weapon when loading a save where they were holding a limb instead

First-person jump animations will no longer play while charging melee attack (Machete)

Off-hand weapon in Dual Wielding mode not using the correct cosmetic item

Weapon models not displaying correctly after switching to a different cosmetic item

A bug where the Revolver would switch when no targets were highlighted

Gib Melee weapons not slapping ragdolls in the correct direction