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The ruthless simulated reduction of an entire town’s population is hard work – long hours, little reward, a lot of safety hazards; but, by and large, the worst aspect of the job has probably got to be the loneliness. Anyone of you who has already played POSTAL Redux, be honest – after you were done killing every living thing in a single level, did you ever start to feel a little lonely? Did you ever wish, for just a second, that you could share the experience with another person? Don’t you think that The Postal Dude could use a little bit of companionship?

Well then… Good news, everyone! Today we are launching the Collective Psychosis Initiative in Paradise, Arizona. That’s right – POSTAL Redux now has cooperative online multiplayer, for up to 4 players. No longer will it just be you against the world. No longer will you have to bare the weight of all that killing on your shoulders, alone. Now you can bring friends – someone you can trust; someone who will watch your back; someone you can pin the whole thing on, in the end!

Multiplayer support for Redux includes harder versions of the campaign levels (and it will also support the additional ‘Special Delivery’ and ‘Super POSTAL’ levels that we will be releasing later), for 2 to 4 players. Don’t have any friends to play with, and too afraid of ‘stranger danger’ to risk matchmaking? No worries, we’ll provide you with some (really dumb) clown AI bots, to fill the empty slots in the roster, and the empty slots in your heart. There’s also a new ending to see, for completing the game in co-op (the twist is that Postal Dude was the killer all along!).

If you don’t already own POSTAL Redux, then now is the time to join the insanity! If you already own it, then maybe pick it up for a friend or two, or three? Live a little! We’ve got more stuff coming in the future, so stay tuned. But for now, we hope you all have a blast with this mode.