POSTAL 4 has been updated to version ‘Blowing’. Head on over to Steam or GOG to update your game!

We are bustin’ our asses getting the ‘Tuesday’ update ready so you guys can get sucked into a bunch of new errands, but in the meantime we thought you’d appreciate a small update that blows – presenting: explodable cars!

Steam build Number:

“Blowing” Update


Explodable cars!

‘View / Weapon Bob’ toggles (‘Gameplay’ settings)

Toggle for enabling/disabling black outlines (‘Video’ settings)


Reduced the loading time between the main menu and the intro movie


Jukebox sound not playing in Blue’s Waffle House

Certain sounds not respecting audio sliders

Some broken InitialState animations

Various mapping bugs that were reported on our Janky and Steam Forums

Broken Kevlar pickup that was causing the game to crash

“Busted” loading screen not appearing after getting arrested

Sent-to-jail audio not playing correctly

Random crash that would sometimes occur around the Animal Catcher area