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We are looking for talented and motivated individuals to become a part of our team!

At Running With Scissors, we are a group of passionate developers who are lucky to be able to make what we want without publishers dictating what our end product should be. We value and respect our fanbase and now look to them to expand our numbers to assist in maintaining our on-going POSTAL 2 support as well as help us with exciting new projects!

We keep an open and dedicated relation with the community as nearly everyone currently working at RWS began either as a community modder or did a 6-12 month internship with us first. We do this to ensure we find only the individuals who are genuinely enthusiastic to work for RWS, love making video games, and strive to be able to enter the industry. To date, everyone that has successfully completed their internship has been taken on, and we have been able to offer those who didn’t recommendations that helped them progress in their careers. It’s a mutually beneficial situation and a great and rare opportunity for you to kickstart your career in game design with the coolest devs on the planet!

Regardless of where you live, your current place of residence in the world is not a restriction! Many of our full-time staff work remotely which means they have less distractions and can work the hours that best suit when they’re feeling at their peak creativeness. Despite the many miles and time zones separating us, we still remain a close-knit group by effectively communicating as a team through instant messaging and regular video call meetings.
This is a great opportunity for:
-Recent college graduates who have acquired some solid base skills and are looking for a remote internship .

-Those who mod games for fun that would like a chance to be involved in a commercial product on Steam.

-Current self-employed contractors who wish to receive something more secure and be part of a team on a longer term.

It is not really suited for:
-People who don’t embrace video games and its accompanying culture. You don’t necessarily have to identify as a gamer, especially if you are a 2D artist, but we hope you can share the enthusiasm that has built RWS’s titles.

-Those that are used to industry office working environments, having little familiarity with being a part of the general modding community.

-People who are not accustomed to using forums and instant messaging as a way to maintain constant communication with a team on the internet.

-Those with no experience in development. You must already possess a solid foundation in the skill set you are applying for.

Positions available

Note, you will have to supply your own equipment and software. Those that are with us long term can apply for help in this regard.

-POSTAL 2 modders
As you may be aware, we have continued to support POSTAL 2 with updates since its release on Steam in 2012. If you have a long history in modding for POSTAL 2, we’d be delighted to welcome you into our team to help us maintain and further improve the game into the future.

Those that can code in UScript or have advanced level editing knowledge are desirable.

Those familiar with modding in similar UE2-powered titles such as Killing Floor 1 and Unreal Tournament 2004 are also highly suited here. You’ll be glad to know our editor has been vastly updated compared to what you’ve worked with in the past, offering a faster streamlined workflow and greater ease of use!

You will be brought in to our internal developer forums and have access to our entire team for development assistance and advice as we target your efforts for official updates.

-2D artists
We need some Photoshop (or your preferred art program of choice) wizzes! If you have some or all of these skills, get in touch!
-Capable of traditionally hand drawn art
-Capable of creating art digitally
-Capable of creating textures based on UV map templates

-3D artists
We need Maya / Max users to help us create 3D assets and characters for a brand new project. You must be able to make your own UV maps and template textures. Also having level editing knowledge in UDK / UE4 is advantageous but not essential.

-QA and support lead

This duty will prove to be a large responsibility and could very well lead to a paid position sooner rather than later. The lead QA will be responsible for monitoring the Steam forums and other sources for reported user issues, appropriately recording them on our bug tracker, and ensuring that QA members are informed of the relevant matters for due testing. Once sufficient diagnostic information has been collected, it can be reported to the project manager and passed on to our coder or other appropriate team member for a fix. Once the fix is in place, the lead QA will verify its efficacy and confirm it is prepared to go public. Test twice, patch once!

Previous experience with the POSTAL games is a definite advantage, although you’ll be overseeing more than that soon after as we move on to a brand new IP!

Interested? Contact [email protected] for details.