We certainly hope that all of you have been having a blast with POSTAL Redux (which has just released on Steam for Windows), and we’re really happy to see how many of you guys are enjoying it! We’ve also been busy with the release, and we’re working hard now, to provide substantial updates to improve the game based on all of your feedback.

But we’re not quite so busy that we haven’t had time to talk with the press, either. In fact, our very own big man in the suit Vince Desi, recently took the time to talk with both Playboy and VICE (joined by right-hand man-with-the-jam Mike J) both about Redux and the history of POSTAL in general. Both outlets have run wonderfully detailed articles going over the history of the POSTAL series, and talking about their place in the industry, and they are joined by Vince (and Mike on the VICE piece) who shares information, insights and amusing anecdotes from the past. Anyone interested in hearing about the history of the POSTAL series, or reading a bit about the place of violent video games in the context of the video games industry, should certainly give these articles a read!

I wouldn’t like it, because it’s not something I consider funny. But my right for freedom of expression does not come at the price of denying somebody else his or her right to make something that I don’t like.
– Vince Desi