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While we had a great time at Phoenix Comicon a couple of weeks back, it wasn’t all just fun and games. We also took the time to talk with several people and press outlets, about who we are and what we do. One such outlet goes by the catchy name of ‘Guff & Stuff‘, and their representative Ezekiel Garcia had a nice talk with our friendly cow-demon Mike Jaret, about POSTAL, Paradise Lost, Redux and a little bit about the spirit of Running With Scissors in general. Check it out! Vince is also there, in the background, having fun, taking pictures and interacting with the fans, so it’s a multi-layered experience!

We don’t make games to piss people off. We’re not doing this and going ‘This will fucking piss off these old ladies!’ or ‘This will make moms really mad!’ We’re just sitting around in the office, stoned, and making shit that makes us laugh. That’s it.
-Mike Jaret