Greetings, true believers! We, at Running With Scissors, have participated in a lot of massive events all across the world, but over the last weekend we were called to action a bit closer to home at the Phoenix Comicon, which is “the signature pop culture event of the southwest”, according to them. And boy, could you tell that this was Arizona – 117 oF! Phew! Anyone else getting sweaty?

Vince Desi and MikeJ set up a nice little booth down in the Arizona Video Game Showcase Room, where POSTAL Redux and POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost were available for people to play. We attracted quite an interesting crowd of characters, from Link to Scarecrow, all of whom were anxious to play some POSTAL, and to receive some free swag! We were handing out little gifts to any folks kind enough to like us on Facebook or tweet about us. We gave out Krotchy dolls, copies of the POSTAL Movie and we even got a chance to clear out our storage of some junk calling itself ‘Postal III‘!

If you came down and saw us there, you probably posed for a selfie with Vince! He seemed particularly excited to be there and to interact with all the fans, and he was especially pleased to hear from so many people who said that they had met him years ago, and now worked in the games industry themselves. Both Vince and Mike had a great time, and would like to thank everyone who showed up and hung out at the booth! You’re the reason we do this! Excelsior!