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Talking Krotchy Doll


Dolls are now back in stock! America’s most beloved nutsack has finally returned! The Talking Krotchy Doll is 5 inches (8 inches when extended… with the legs, I mean) of Krotch-tastic plush goodness. Cuddle up with Krotchy’s pillowy soft shaft, or tenderly grab his sacks which, thanks to the futuristic space age technology (beanbags), have the feeling of authentically real balls! But that’s not all! Squeeze Krotchy’s magical testicle to hear one of 25 hilarious Krotchy catchphrases! Keep him on your shoulder to let Krotchy’s nuggets of infinite wisdom guide you each and every day!

Buy one for yourself! Buy two and be a true organ donor by giving the gift of balls to a friend! (Or even a particularly hated enemy!) Share your Krotchy with your family, co-workers, and priest! Whatever the case, you’re guaranteed to have hours and hours of groin-grabbingly good fun with the Talking Krotchy Doll!


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Weight6 oz