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POSTAL Fudge Pack: Re-Packed & Extra Fudged


Bigger, badder, and packed tighter than ever! By popular demand, the most eagerly awaited second coming since Jesus himself comes the new POSTAL Fudge Pack: Re-Packed & Extra Fudged! Serving up a delectable compilation 25 chaotic years in the making of the greatest hits in the POSTAL series (and Postal 3), this fudge for you is lovingly stuffed with 6 games, the P2 expansions, the digital Brain Damaged art book, and digital soundtracks spanning across the whole POSTAL-verse! Packed in a shiny embossed slip cover case and the games (Steam installer) on a Blu-ray along with digital keys for everything on Steam and most stuff on GOG! Plus a few extra physical goodies for that final savory morsel: a suave new POSTAL Dude Fudge Pack artwork poster and a Fudge Pack logo sticker!


  • Embossed slip cover case
  • Digital game keys for Steam and GOG (some items only included in Steam key; see below)
  • POSTAL Fudge Pack Blu-ray with Steam installer
  • POSTAL Dude Fudge Pack artwork poster
  • Fudge Pack logo sticker

Games and digital keys included:

    • POSTAL 1 + OST*
    • POSTAL 2 Complete + POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost + OST*
    • Postal 3* + OST*
    • POSTAL Redux* + OST*
    • POSTAL 4: No Regerts + OST + KDTF Radio OST*
    • POSTAL: Brain Damaged + OST + Art Book
    • Music to Go POSTAL By
    • Music to Go POSTAL By Vol. 2: POSTAL 4 Edition*

*Only included in Steam key

*Wont work in Australia currently


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Weight5 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 1 in

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