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POSTAL 4 PC Physical Release


The POSTAL Dude is back and ready to add to your hoard! Add the physical release of POSTAL 4: No Regerts for the PC to your material collection with its sleek and shiny embossed slip cover case, spiffy new disc artwork, and the game (Steam installer) on DVD along with digital keys for both Steam and GOG platforms!

Don’t delay! Own a physical memento of the Dude’s newest adventure that you’ll treasure for years to come! You won’t regert it!


  • Embossed slip cover case
  • Digital game keys for POSTAL 4 on Steam and GOG
  • POSTAL 4: No Regerts DVD (Steam installer)
  • Running With Scissors fridge magnet
  • POSTAL 4 sticker

*Wont work in Australia currently

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Weight5 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × 1 in

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