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To celebrate 20 years of POSTAL, we are happy to announce that pre-orders are now available for POSTAL XX – a physical boxed collection of the entire POSTAL franchise, along with some fun goodies!

PXX_adThe hardcore and dedicated POSTAL fans out there may remember POSTAL X – that funky cereal box collection of the entire series, which we did back in 2007 for our 10 year anniversary. Well another 10 years have passed since then, and we are nothing if not predictable, so here we go – you can pre-order the POSTAL XX 20th anniversary collection right now, which we will begin shipping on November 14, to celebrate 20 years of POSTAL!

This slick little box, made to resemble an authentic postal parcel from Paradise, AZ, will contain a disc with basically the entire POSTAL franchise. This includes all of our games and even the POSTAL movie! Hell, we even scrapped Postal III off the sole of our shoe, and tossed it in there, just because you insane weirdos keep expressing interest in it (it adds no value to the overall collection, so consider it a free bonus).

In addition to all the great content, we’ve also tossed in a few special bonus items for your pleasure. Each XX box comes loaded with a high quality premium collector’s edition Krotchy Nut Rag, for all your nutting needs! It’s both functional and fashionable, as once you’re done using it, you can set it down on a shelf for all your family to see. The box also includes a lovely art book, filled with snapshots, artwork and plenty of visual treats, both old and never-before-seen, for you to take a gander at! And finally there will be an XX sticker and and RWS logo temporary tattoo, just for fun!

We are accepting pre-orders right now. We ship XX editions worldwide (though some locations may be excluded), from our online store. You can get yours for a miserable $50 USD (less than what some single games cost, these days!).

POSTAL XX Content:

    1. POSTAL
    2. POSTAL: Special Delivery
    3. POSTAL 2
    4. POSTAL 2: Share The Pain
    5. POSTAL 2: Apocalypse Weekend
    6. POSTAL The Movie
    7. Postal III
    8. POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost
    9. POSTAL Redux
    1. Official Krotchy Nut Rag
    2. POSTAL Art Book
    3. POSTAL XX Sticker
    4. RWS Logo Temporary Tattoo