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Do you realize it’s been over a year since we released POSTAL Redux? God damn, time sure flies! The game has seen many updates and improvements as well, though there’s always been that one caveat keeping some of you from enjoying it fully, despite our past attempts to address it – the loading times. Indeed, despite our previous patch aiming to improve the issue, it’s still been affecting several players out there, who have been forced to suffer for this gaming goodness. Well don’t think that we’ve been sitting on our asses (too much) and ignoring your pleas! We have been hammering away at this issue for a while, and we are now finally able to announce our latest update to the game – version 4.2.1. – which improves the loading times dramatically.

That’s right, folks – we’ve been tinkering and coding, and typing, and drinking working diligently, to rework the way that Redux handles the loading and streaming of its assets, in order to bring the loading times down to the most comfortable length that we could. As long as your computer meets the system requirements (and maybe even if it doesn’t, though we can’t guarantee anything), you should see a dramatic improvement in how long it takes for the game to start up for you. And as an added bonus – we’ve also reduced the install size of the game, so it will download quicker and take up less space from now on. And this isn’t the end of our support for Redux, as we will be bringing the game to Linux very soon as well, so that you can get some kills in while being a master hacker on your terminal.

So wipe the digital dust from your copy of the game, as you can now enjoy everything that Redux has to offer, without waiting for 10 minutes between each step. The single player campaign, Rampage mode, online co-op and deathmatch – all is but a blink of an eye (your experience may vary) away! We’re sorry it took so long, but hopefully there’s no hard feelings. Now is the best time to jump into Redux, especially if you haven’t yet, so don’t miss out on the loads of spree-killing fun that the game can offer both you and your friends! With any luck, we’ve now made the game good enough that if you buy it – you’ll regret nothing!