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If you thought that open sourcing the original POSTAL was our last gift of the year, then you better think again! We’re capping the year off with another big update for our isometric twin-stick shooter POSTAL Redux – version 4.0 – which is now available for all Steam users of the game.

The main addition, as the title may suggest, is a fun new online Deathmatch Multiplayer mode for up to 8 players! So now, after you and your friends get tired of fighting the citizens of Paradise, AZ, you can take on each other! Gun each other down, blow each other up, or set each other on fire – the possibilities for fun are endless! Just cross your fingers and hope that our QA lead Marcin doesn’t decide to randomly join your game and devastate the lot of you… Deathmatch uses a portion of already existing maps from the other modes, though we’ve obviously made lots of adjustments to the placement of spawn points, weapons and pickups. We’ve also tweaked the weapons a bit, for balancing purposes. Oh, also – just as with co-op, each player can participate with a custom coat color, or with one of the Not Important character models accessible from our last update.

The other significant feature in this update aims to address the primary issue that some of our players have been experiencing – the load times. It seems that history does indeed repeat itself – similar to how POSTAL 2 launched with abysmal load times back in 2003, POSTAL Redux has been plaguing some of you with bad load times as well (and just as with POSTAL 2, it takes a multiplayer update to resolve this problem). But those days have come to an end! If you were a poor, unfortunate victim of this issue, then now is the time to give Redux another shot and see it load quicker than ever, before your very eyes!

So what are you waiting for? POSTAL Redux is even available for a crazy 84% discount on Steam, until January 2nd, so if you don’t already own the game, now is the time to jump in (except for all those previous times that were the right time to jump in). And if you do already own the game, then boot it up (lightning-fast) and get some of that blood lust out of your system with Deathmatch! And make sure to write all your taunts in advance! Nothing worse than scoring a great kill, and fumbling a one-liner, because you didn’t have anything witty prepared.

Most important of all – just have fun!