So, POSTAL Redux has been out for a few days now, and a lot of people have already had the chance to take it out for a spin. From the moment it launched, we’ve been inviting all of you to tell us what you think and leave your reviews, whether they be positive or negative, and that’s exactly what a lot of you have done! It warms our hearts and gives us fuzzy feelings inside, to see that a vast majority of the reviews have been positive, and that so many people genuinely have fun playing the game. But we also know that some of you have had concerns and criticisms to make, and that’s great as well! Critical feedback is what helps us improve the game in the future, and we appreciate it greatly!

We sympathize greatly with all of you who brought up the lack of content, or the lack of multiplayer modes, and you can rest easy, knowing that we are currently working on free content updates for Redux that will bring new levels, including the ones from the ‘Special Delivery‘ expansion of the original POSTAL, Deathmatch and cooperative multiplayer modes, and more.

For now, we’d like to take the time to highlight some of the more well-written and thoughtful reviews that we’ve seen, either on Steam or other outlets, to help the rest of you, who may still be on the fence, to decide whether or not Redux is worth your time and money!

POSTAL Redux is a loving recreation of an old cult classic that harkens back to the heyday of isometric shooters. The newly remastered art is fantastic and really makes the colors pop. A new Carnival level takes advantage of the new 1080p style with lots of colors and high resolution art. Not to mention the much improved controls. It controls beautifully now, a massive improvement upon the original which was one of my biggest gripes of it.

Along with this, Redux adds a new Rampage mode that is very fun and fast paced. It is a score based mode which rewards fast and creative gameplay. The new Revolver weapon also packs a satisfying punch and Rick Hunter’s sexy voice is still the stuff of legends.

Unfortunately, the game is not quite finished yet. A co-op multiplayer mode will be coming some time which I am sure will be great fun for friends who want to go postal. Along with this, the DLC maps for Special Delivery will be remastered and released in a future free update for Redux.

That being said, I don’t know why the old ending was replaced with this new one other than the old ending was too controversial even for RWS to redo. This is a shame as the original ending level was one of the most shocking moments I ever faced in a video game, and the new ending leaves no impact other than a big “huh?”

Botched ending aside, POSTAL Redux is still a very well done remake, but I say wait a bit until either the multiplayer and DLC maps get added or there is a sale to purchase it. Also PLEASE add Steam Workshop upport.

User “Real Human Bean”, on Steam

Postal Redux is an isometric, twin-stick shooter, and is an amazing remake of the original Postal. This version was remade from the ground up and is even using a new engine. The new artwork and graphics look great and are well made. The contols feel great when using a keyboard & Mouse. The music, sound effects, and voice acting is excellent. The original Postal Dude’s voice is back again and sounds great. The weapons feel well balanced and gives you a large combination of ways to handle any situation.

Just like the original the main game is short at about 2 hours on a full clear of all levels. Don’t let that detour you from the game because the new Rampage Mode extends the games life. In Rampage Mode you have to clear the map and try to rack up a high score. You will get a number of weapons to use and many ways to complete a full clear of the map. Enemies are more challening in Rampage Mode adding a level of challenge and fun to the game. It has been stated by the devs that more free content is on the way. Special Delivery and Multiplayer is planned and will be released once it’s ready.

If you are a fan of Postal and Postal 2 what are you waiting for just buy it, and have a ball, because this game is well worth it. Hatred players come on and give this game a try too. For anyone that loves twin-stick shooters give it go as well, because this game is perfect for you. For anyone else that may be new to the Postal series just give it a go and see if you like it.

User “ExiledAlchemist”, on Steam

Postal Redux does a near perfect job on what it wants to be, a twin stick shooter where you gun down as many people as possible. While the gameplay never really evolves past just shooting dudes, different weapons and level layouts keep the experience interesting.

Postal Redux is more than just a graphical update, it improves the weapons, controls, enemy AI… everything. For example: In the original Postal only a couple of weapons actually felt useful and did decent damage. In Postal Redux all of the weapons serve a purpose, others are better at clearing out hordes of enemies and others are better at taking down strong individuals. Even the originally pointless mines are actually useful now!

However even though the game is near perfect, there are still flaws. The screen is a bit too small and there’s no way to look around like in for example: Hotline Miami, so there will be times where the enemy gets some free hits on you from off-screen. Original Postal did not have this problem since the enemies had admittedly bad AI, but here since they’re so much smarter, you end up in some frustrating situations at times.

But all that aside Postal Redux is a fantastic game and I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they would like some old fashioned mass murder.

User “Armesi”, on Steam

[..] The game never takes itself seriously but yet the graphics are stunning and the gameplay effortless. If you need to blow off steam then Postal Redux is a fantastic way to just sit back and kill shit. It has certainly helped me!

As the Postal Dude you come armed with a machine gun that has a limited range and but infinite bullets. In addition, you can pick up a shotgun, rocket launcher (with two type of missiles), .357 Magnum, and other weapons. You also have a secondary weapon slot where you can have hand grenades, dynamite, land mines, Molotov cocktails among others. Gameplay is so simple that within a minute or two you will be murdering harmless bystanders, cops, military, construction worker, and even an entire marching band with all of your various weapons. It’s simple spray and prey type of stuff.

Each weapons has its effective distance and rate of fire. Your machine gun has an infinite supply of rounds so is your signature weapon. Each level features a high quality area (trailer park, cave, small town, etc.) in which to commit carnage, pick up new weapons, and increase your health. Each area has a certain number of inhabitants and a death toll you need to reach in order to move to the next level.

There aren’t any complaints that I can think of as Running with Scissors gave us exactly what we wanted: Postal in HD. As a fan of all things free roaming RPG I was hoping they would take the time to add SOME story elements to the Redux, even if just cutscene nonsense. They didn’t, and perhaps this was for the best. [..]

Michael Robert Klass, on Popzara

[..] Gameplay-wise, the game is simple. You point, you shoot, you walk, you shoot some more, you pick up more weapons and health, repeat this until the level ends. It’s simple, and pretty fun, but it does wear thin pretty quickly (the game will be over before you’re completely bored with it, though). The AI isn’t particularly smart, but it does seem like some of the pathfinding issues have been ironed out since the original.

Graphics-wise, the game looks fantastic when compared to the original. I thought that the newer character models did give it an overall more “cartoony” feel, but it’s still a great upgrade. The redrawn maps are beautiful, and everything is animated nicely. However, if you don’t know what to expect from the original Postal, this game will still look extremely dated if you’re expecting a modern-looking game.

Some of the sounds have been revamped, but most of the levels are still devoid of any kind of music. You still get the creepy ambient sounds, the great environmental sounds, and all the other good stuff, but I really wish that RWS would have composed some tracks for the campaign. Rampage mode does have music, and it’s very up tempo and fits in with the gameplay.

Overal, Postal Redux accomplishes what it wanted to. It updated the graphics, gameplay, and overall experience of the original Postal. Is Postal still a good game to play in 2016? It’s definitely fun in small doses, but it does come off as very primitive these days. I still enjoy myself, but I can understand how someone would favor newer twin-stick shooters over this game. [..]

User ‘kWo – FIDDLE CASTRO’, on Steam

[..] It’s hard to single out anything exceptional about Postal Redux. Looking at the game makes me think that it needs a visual overhaul. It’s admirable that the developers decided to go for a retro look, but this particular visual style doesn’t quite fit today’s rich indie game scene that offers a wide variety of games that, frankly, play and look way better.

While this is a remastered version and not a complete remake, which means we did not expect any major innovation in the genre of isometric shooters, albeit it really would’ve been awesome if the developers endeavored a bit more to add something that would seem a little bit more inviting in an age that’s filled with shooters. It would’ve been nice to have a co-op mode perhaps, or vs. multiplayer mode; or basically anything that would add a bit of longevity to the product.

As it stands, you may have fun jumping into a nostalgic isometric shooter with 90s-style graphic violence, although, ultimately you won’t find any lasting value or any reason to return to the game once you’re done. That’s assuming you even have the will and energy to finish the game, since it gets rather repetitive after about an hour or so.

Similarly to the visuals, the audio in this game has enough to reel you in, although pretty soon it falls flat, as the player easily notices a general lack of sound effects and music.

The game’s one saving grace is that it manages to rekindle some of the old magic of the original Postal. If you can pick up that retro vibe, hold that emotion and then jump into the Rampage mode, then this might be the game for you. While the new Rampage mode uses the same assets as the Campaign mode, it features a dandy score multiplier, which makes the ride more dynamic and goes in line with the game’s arcade nature. This aspect of the game also features a nice music track with a cool, fast beat, which greatly improves the quality of the overall atmosphere. The Campaign mode could’ve benefited greatly if it was given the same touch.[..]

Uros “Vader” Pavlovic, on ActionTrip

[..] I choose to play the campaign first and it is Joyless, Boring and Unfairly hard.[..]

[..] So it surprise me that the rampage mode fixes most of the problems I have in the campaign, still the same thing with the added difference that the levels have more enemies, there are more weapons and health pickups, enemies seems to be more aggressive and they add a scoreboard with combo multipliers, giving the whole thing an arcade feel to it.

The levels now have music and if you like industrial metal from the 90’s you’re going to like this soundtrack, the postal dude voice is amazing as always, and his catchphrases make more sense in the rampage mode, also the overall sound design ain´t that bad. Another big positive the controls do feel less horrible now that you need to worry more about killing fast than ammo and health preservation, don’t get me wrong the controls and the looks of the game are still very bad, and the lack of gore still evident, but I cannot deny that there’s fun to have in this mode. [..]

Hobo Ramirez, on KeenGamer

Postal Redux is a fantastic remake of the original Postal. The controls are much much better overall, the new art looks great, and the new content is pretty nice too. If you enjoyed the original, you’ll definitely love this version even more. Not an extremely difficult game by any means, but any fan of isometric shooters will probably enjoy this for what it is- a stupid fun “kill everything that moves” type of game.

If you’re a fan of Postal 2 that hasn’t played the original, you might not like this. Postal 1 is a completely different game. As well as being a completely different genre, Postal 1 is far less tounge-in-cheek than it’s sequel. It has a rather dark atmosphere and is even a bit “edgy”. It’s still a great game, just don’t expect the wacky comedic tone that Postal 2 is known for. But if you just want more Dude shenanigans in general, this remake is a must-have for any Postal fan.

User “Sanction Extremis”, on Steam

Ever caught yourself playing Postal 1 and thinking “Wow, I wish I could play this game without those clunky controls”? Well, congrats you are litterally every person that played Postal 1 ever. And the best thing about Postal Redux are the controls. The game feels great now and killing people is more fun than ever. You can also change weapons with the mouse wheel now.

The graphics still have the same style of the original, the models have been updated and look a lot better than before. Postal Dude got some new animations and can execute with every weapon now. Crushing skulls with the rocket launcher or burning half dead people with a flamethrower. Everything is possible.

A great inclusion to this redux version is “Rampage Mode” in which you try to get the best score by keeping a high killstreak and using everything your gun arsenal has to offer. This mode also has an amazing soundtrack to really go postal with.

Sadly there are a few things that drag Postal Redux down. RWS included a whole new level but four levels that came with the “Special Delivery” Expansion Pack did not make it into the game. Also the multiplayer is still missing just like in the Postal 1 Steam release. A lower price would have been better for this game. If RWS manages to give us the “Special Delivery” maps and some sort of multiplayer then I could recommend this game to anyone for the price of 15 €.

The game itself is great, only the lack of content is a bit dissapointing. For now I suggest you try the original Postal first. Or you wait for a discount on the Redux Version.

User “BoomerNoob”, on Steam

A fond trip down memory lane with a few twists, plenty of optimizations, and more additions to come. The most polished and smooth release by Running with Scissors so far.

User “wantwon”, on Steam

We’d like to extend our most sincere thanks to everyone that has purchased / played / reviewed POSTAL Redux so far, even if you didn’t like it! Your feedback will help us greatly to improve the game, and make it better for everyone! We hope that you all will continue to play the game and provide great responses to it, in the future!