Today – May 20th, 2016 – will go down in history, as the day when everything changed. It is the day when the world went from not having POSTAL Redux in it, to a world that does! Rejoice, and let the madness consume you!

We’ve been working diligently on it, and we know that a lot of you have been anxious to experience it. So finally, here it is! The wait is officially over, and you can play POSTAL Redux on your Windows computer right now! While we’re only releasing on Steam for Windows for today, a release on and versions for Mac, Linux and, of course, Playstation 4 are all forthcoming, so keep an eye out! You can also be sure that we will continue providing tons of post-launch support, as we have with our previous games, plus free content updates!

We’re incredibly excited about the public reaction to the game, as well. We can’t wait to see what you all think of the updated visuals, the new ‘Carnival’ level that we’ve made and, of course, Rampage mode, which we’ve all been having tons of endless fun with during development and testing. Hopefully we’ve done our fans proud, and we’ve made a game that can be enjoyed by both those who loved and those who hated the original. Although if you still hate Redux as well, then that’s fine too. Don’t be shy about it, either – let us know in the reviews! We love to hear both the praise and the criticisms.

So if you’re itching to finally take this gaming masterpiece* out for a spin, then click below to purchase the game on Steam!

*Subjectively speaking