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We’ve implemented some awesome cheat codes in the 2.0 patch that we are sure you’ll all love! To activate them, go into a single player game (will not work in Co-op). If you get it right you’ll hear the Dude make a comment.

NOTE: Using cheat codes will flag you as a cheater until you exit back to the main menu (Campaign) or play a new level (Rampage). While you are flagged as a cheater, the following will happen:

  • You cannot unlock achievements
  • Progress you make toward locked achievements will not count
  • Saving the game is disabled, including autosave (Campaign)
  • You will receive a “Cheats Used” penalty equal to the amount of points you score (Rampage)
  • High scores and grades will not be saved and you cannot unlock or view the ending until a score has been recorded for every level (Rampage)

On PC, press T, and enter the cheat.

On PS4 and PS5, you need to press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to summon the cheat menu. When it appears, type in testingCheats true and cheats will then be enabled in this world.

On the Switch, press X+A+B at the same time in-game to reveal the Switch text input applet.

POSTAL Redux Cheats Codes

  • Healthful – Maxes out health
  • BlockMyAss – Maxes out armor
  • CarryMore – Gives backpack
  • AssaultAndBattery – Gives assault rifle
  • BlowMe – Gives balloon gun
  • Flamenstein – Gives flamethrower + ammo
  • TitanIII – Gives rocket launcher + ammo (normal and seeker)
  • Sternomat – Gives napalm launcher + ammo
  • PeaShooter – Gives pistol
  • JesseJames – Gives revolver + ammo
  • TheBestGun – Gives scattergun + ammo
  • Shellfest – Gives shotgun + ammo
  • CrotchBomb – Gives mines
  • LobItFar – Gives grenades
  • Rioter – Gives molotovs
  • Dynomyte – Gives dynamite
  • MagicMags – Gives infinite ammo for all currently-owned weapons
  • AlaMode – Toggles god mode
  • NoPlaceLikeOz – Opens exit
  • YoureTooSlow – Toggles sonic speed
  • IAmSoLame – All of the above in one cheat
  • BegForThis – Wimpy enemies mode (one shot injures)
  • NoHUDPlease – Toggles HUD visibility
  • MyteaMouse – Shrinks all characters (toggle)
  • GimmeHead – Enlarges all characters’ heads
  • WitchDoctor – Shrinks all characters’ heads
  • YourHeadASplode – All enemies have their heads exploded on death
  • SuddenlyISee – Maxes out the camera view
  • TunnelVision – Drastically contracts camera view
  • ClowningAround – Turns all NPCs into clowns
  • RaisedInABarn – Turns all NPCs into dancing ostriches
  • LongArmOfTheLaw – Turns all bystanders into hostile police officers
  • MichaelBay – Turns all NPCs into rocketeers or grenadiers, and explodes all barrels on the map
  • Groovy – Toggles slow motion
  • TheQuick – Quick firing speed on all weapons

So, jump into the game and try ’em out!

Our personal favorite is a combination of bigger heads (GimmeHead) + smaller characters (MyteaMouse).