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POSTAL Redux has just been blessed with many new updates! In addition to being ported to Linux, the game has received the 4.3.0 update, which aims to address performance issues and brings a Chinese localized translation, subtitles, and the full sountrack!

We’re aware that we’ve been pretty quiet for the last couple of months. Some of you may know that this is due to us being busy with a new (secret) game that we’re working very hard on, which leaves us very little time to do anything else. However, we’re also very aware that we’ve left a few loose ends which we’ve finally taken the time to address. Today we are updating POSTAL Redux on Steam to version 4.3.0, which aims to fix most of the biggest issues that have been plaguing the game. Hopefully, this means that all of you will now be able to enjoy POSTAL Redux to its fullest, leaving us a bit more free to work on our new stuff. Until we find out that we’ve broken something else, that is…

First off, we’re pleased to finally fulfill our promise of bringing you the POSTAL Redux Soundtrack, which should now be freely available as DLC for all Redux owners on Steam. The soundtrack includes everything from those disturbing loops that you hear in the main menu and title screens for each level, to the tracks that play during Rampage Mode. All of these tracks were created lovingly, by our friends Takumi Sloan and Sean Terry, our Sound Designer Kurt Willoughby, with additional production by Tom Wiseman and Rikki D’Angelo. Each track was made in service of the dark, dirty, gritty, gruesome, disturbing, psychopathic aesthetic style that permeates the game itself, so if those adjectives describe the kind of music that you like to listen to, then you just might enjoy what the soundtrack has to offer. Of course, if downloading it from Steam is too inconvenient for you (or if you don’t actually own a copy of POSTAL Redux on Steam – we’re not judging), then you can check out this YouTube playlist, which contains all the tracks for your listening pleasure! Give it a try!

How about actual game updates? Well, Linux users can finally rejoice, as the Linux port of Redux has finally arrived on Steam! This is long overdue and many of you have been patiently waiting for it all this time. We know being a Linux gamer is hard enough already, so this is something we’re very happy to finally deliver. The Linux port shares all the same content, plus cross-platform multiplayer and Steam Cloud saves with its older Windows brother. Now, many of you who’ve already been playing the game will be happy to hear that the problems with long load times and stuttering gameplay should be a thing of the past, for real this time (we hope)! We’ve taken a careful look at how the game handles the loading of its assets and we’ve optimized it as best as we could, and tested it on a variety of machines both high and low end, the result being that most (if not all) of you having these problems should now see Redux loading and running as smoothly as it should! Also, in keeping with our recent streak of adding new language options for our games, we’ve updated Redux with a full Chinese localization and subtitles for the Dude’s lines, in both English and Chinese as a little something extra for those poor souls out there who would like to go on a violent rampage across Paradise, AZ but just can’t get past the language barrier. Other fixes include making certain weapons (such as the molotov) function properly in the Mines level, and adjustments to the weapon balance, particularly for Deathmatch mode which now also includes Carnival and La Palamino Resort as playable maps.

Feel free to scroll down and look through the full patch notes below. Let it never be said that we abandon our games or leave them broken, even if it does take us a while to get around to them…

Patch Notes


    • POSTAL Redux is now available on Linux!
    • Cross-Platform multiplayer and Steam Cloud saves, between Windows and Linux
    • Fully localized the game into Simplified Chinese
    • Chinese and English subtitles are now available for Dude’s lines
    • Added an off-screen co-op partner indicator
    • Added Carnival and La Palamino Resort maps to DM map pool

[Bug Fixes]

    • Fixed an issue that would cause the game to stutter for some players
    • Fixed certain weapons not working in Mines level
    • Fixed Marching Band animations not playing correctly


    • Increased size of blood pools
    • Nerfed the Revolver and SMG in Deathmatch
    • Grenades and Mines will now explode quicker in both SP and MP
    • Reduced the amount of Bloom in all levels
    • Improved load times
    • Blood pools and Molotov ground particles will now disappear after a certain amount of time in DM
    • Hid HP info and player names in DM