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After 17 action-packed levels, you must be feeling pretty weary and tired. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation? Maybe a trip to a relaxing resort, or across the ocean all the way to the exotic Godzilla-stricken land of Japan? But first, maybe you’d like to stop by the supermarket, and ask nicely for a copy of POSTAL… This odd introductory paragraph can only mean one thing – the 3.0 Update for POSTAL Redux is now live, and with it comes a batch of new and familiar levels (among other things).

Just like the original game, Redux has now been expanded with additional levels from the ‘Special Delivery’ expansion pack. Everything is here, from the EZ Mart and Shanty Town, to Earthquake and the La Palamino Resort. But wait, there’s more! In addition to these levels, we’ve also brought back and rebuilt the levels from the Japanese-exclusive ‘Super POSTAL’ release – Tokyo and Osaka. All the levels you may or may not remember are back, redrawn, redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. In addition to being playable in Single Player, across all difficulties, these levels are also fully supported in Rampage Mode and Co-Op Multiplayer, so bring a friend (or just settle for the Moron Clown Bots)!

Speaking of Co-Op, we’ve also refined the Multiplayer quite a bit, with all the little things your heart wants – you can change your server name to whatever genital-related pun you like, everybody can see how many kills they’ve got and the in-game chat has also seen an improvement. We’ve also implemented a new cheat, which allows players to select other playable characters… but this feature is Not Important. If you prefer a Single Player experience, though, we’ve got a treat for those who told us that Hard difficulty was just too easy – a new Nightmare difficulty mode, which should give you all a run for your money. But if that alone is still not difficult enough, you can also try out another addition, included due to lack of popular demand – Classic Tank Controls. If you’re feeling nostalgic for the old days of playing POSTAL, you can bind these tank controls, to achieve the same type of gameplay that you got in the original game, before we updated it to a twin-stick control scheme. Why you would want to willingly play like this – don’t ask us. But it’s there, if you want it!

Other additions include a handful of new achievements for players who want to show off their sick gaming skills to the world, unique suicide animations for different weapons, which players have been asking for since Redux first launched, and all kinds of new post-processing effects, such as retro-pixelated filters or crazy sci-fi glowing effects. There’s something for everybody, so try them all out!

In case you were wondering how much all of this might cost you – put your wallet away, Scrooge McDuck! All of this content is not only free of charge, but we’re also putting the game on sale, so that if you don’t already own the game, it will now cost you even less! That’s right, POSTAL Redux is currently 50% off on Steam, so if you’ve been on the fence about picking it up, now’s the time. The game is more content-rich than it’s ever been, and is available for a very attractive price. If you already own POSTAL Redux, then why not pick it up for your friends as well? Have some co-op fun with your buddies!

We hope you all get a lot of enjoyment out of these updates – we do it all for you!

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