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Tucson, AZ: POSTAL 4: No Regerts®, the crazy over the-top comedic first-person shooter, the new entry in Running With Scissors’ classic franchise enjoyed by millions is available today via GOG’s Game In Development.

POSTAL 4: No Regerts, powered by Unreal Engine 4®, delivers what fans of POSTAL 2, fondly dubbed “The Worst Game Ever™”, enjoyed most with an open-world sandbox offering a high degree of freedom, hilarious gameplay, and a ridiculous armory of weapons. Shooting everyone and everything is always an option, we’re giving gamers many new toys.

“For over 20 years I’ve been saying RWS has the best fans in the world. This new approach to distribution is giving the POSTAL community the ability to directly inspire and support in the actual development,” said Vince Desi, founder of Running With Scissors. “We’re very proud of our fans, We work for them, and Together we are stronger.”

Since the initial early access release on Steam two months ago, POSTAL 4 has been very well received making the Top 20 for the month and holds a super 90+ positive fan review rating. We will continue to offer a steady diet of new content as often as possible, be it big or small. POSTAL fans believe in our vision and these reviews are based on faith in the end product and our proven ability to keep to our promises.

The Postal Dude, now voiced by famous Duke Nukem actor Jon St. John, and his furry friend Champ, romp and stomp for five days around Edensin, a gambling town on the Mexican border. Each morning brings new main errands and a host of side quests. Edensin is a potpourri of mad fun. Clean crap-clogged pipes, battle with sewer crocs, unleash feathered chaos with the new Pigeon Mine, twirl a mop to deflect bullets, jump on a mobility scooter to zip around town.

Get creative with the Spurt’n’Squirt water gun: Fill it with water to put out fires, gasoline to create an improvised flamethrower, or urine to shower Edensin’s residents. While cleaning house you can clean ass, Spanking of which, prepare yourself for the Wipe Militant, a Game of Thrones-obsessed cult proclaiming the virtues of toilet paper over the Mayor’s bidet obsession, and even Mariachi Luchadores who’ve secured the Mexican border against illegal American immigrants.

Plus a special tit teaser gift to GOG players we’re making the iconic POSTAL 2 FREE, yes motherfuckers, FREE, for the next 48 hours of game playing masturbation. EXCLUSIVE on GOG! And if that still hasn’t shot your load, have some more, the original classic POSTAL is now FREE FOREVER!

POSTAL 4: No Regerts launches on GOG in English with more languages planned for the full release. For more information, visit the official website and follow Running With Scissors on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Discord.

About Running With Scissors

Founded in 1996, Running With Scissors is one of the oldest indie studios in the game industry. RWS focuses on creating socially conscious games that offer signature experiences focused more on making people laugh that making sure everyone is comfortable.

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