Postal 4 Cheat Codes PS4 and PS5

When you’re at the main menu type in the contra code: ⇑ ⇑ ⇓ ⇓ ⇐ ⇒ ⇐ ⇒ (up up down down left right left right) and you’ll have a cheats menu in the pause menu during normal gameplay.

NOTE: Using some of these commands can have pretty crazy effects on the game. We recommend trying them out on a new game file and NOT on your main save. Otherwise you run the risk of irrecoverably damaging your save data! You have been warned.


Postal 4 Cheat Codes for PC

As of version 1.1.1, the game ships with a cheats menu where majority of the cheats listed here can be accessed. The only exception to this are the warp commands and a small number of debug commands

Either open console with tilde (~) key and type them as-is, or use the chat window (T by default) and type them with a preceeding forward slash (ie. /sanic). Commands are case-insensitive.

  • ApocalypseNow – Starts the Apocalypse event (Friday late-game)
  • AlaMode – God Mode
  • Aneurysm/Aneurism/Seppuku – Commit suicide
  • BlankDude – Appears to be a spawn mode, reloading checkpoint doesn’t work (softlocks)
  • BootToTheHead – OP Kick Mode
  • BoozeHound – Puts Pitbull Spike into “Stumble” state (Bullydog errrand)
  • Braindeadbystanders – Disables AI Controllers for nearby bystander NPCs
  • Catastrophe – Become a cat (see above; Hold Ctrl to pounce, LMB to claw)
  • ChasingTrends – Most NPCs become Postal Dude alikes (Battle Royale Mode?)
  • Confessional – Resets Enemy Aggro against Postal Dude (including Police bar)
  • Crackman/TheQuick – Doubles auto-firing rate (adds rainbow tint to rocket trails as of
  • CrazyCatdude – Adds 20 cats to inventory
  • Fludd – Adds water hose as weapon (seemingly no ammo limit)
  • FreeCivvie – Every NPC model becomes Civvie (see ProPostal cheat)
  • GhostBystanders – All nearby NPCs despawn
  • GimmeTicketMachine – Gives Ticket Machine (Tuesday Errand)
  • GrabAPint – Makes Pitbull Spike drink from his dog bowl (Bullydog errrand)
  • GunsDontKillPeopleIDo – Change character model back to Postal Dude
  • IFeelFree/Phantasm – Noclip Mode
  • ItsHighNoon – Infinite revolver bar (for RMB move)
  • Jumpman – Moon Jump Mode (Jump height x 3)
  • LikeABirdy/SupaFly – Fly Mode Toggle
  • LockCamera – Locks the camera position
  • NecroBestiPhiliac – Adds 5 Dead cats, 5 dead dogs and maybe other things to inventory
  • NoTarget – NPCs will ignore Postal Dude’s aggression