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The action doesn’t just take place on PC… We have a brand new POSTAL 4 update for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5, available RIGHT NOW!

Patch Notes

– Loading improvements
– Updated Subtitles
– Optimized AI markers
– Implemented dropkicking support for some projectiles
– Fixed Dude getting stuck when dropkicking
– Implemented drop kick animations
– Fixed Wanted meter not going down
– Made it so when you let go of the skip cutscene button, widget will only disappear if progress bar depletes to 0%
– Fixed Boss NPCs not being set up properly for damage immunities (tranq, knockdown, tazer etc.)
– Fixed melee weapons hitting enemies under the crosshair properly
– NPCs much less likely to spam “decide to fight” line, especially if they are in turret mode
– Thrown Sledgehammer and Mallet are now automatically equipped if you have empty hands when picked up
– Fixed ragdolls flying into the air when killed with the weapon wheel opened
– Fixed Pressing back button while in the map would put a waypoint
– Fixed the Police Uniform not using the correct “clothes changed” dialogue

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