Greetings, valued members of the POSTAL community. We are very happy to announce the long awaited Steamworks update for Mac are finally ready for you! This includes all previous updates, including Steam Workshop support, full controller support and more!


Also today marks the release of the Paradise Lost DLC for Mac. But fear not Windows and Linux users – you also get something to be excited about today!


With update 5020 we have included a much better inventory management solution. Pressing the Tab key will now bring up a convenient inventory menu, making selecting your desired Powerup a breeze in the heat of the moment!


We have also added the following improvements:


  • Updated the Linux and Mac builds to SDL2 for improved compatibility across the board, especially on multi-monitor setups.
  • Fixed a bug causing the “GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM!” achievement to not unlock properly.
  • Added a “Dual Wield Swap” option which reverses the Fire and Alt Fire buttons while the player is dual-wielding or if a particular weapon suggests a reversed fire mode.
  • Many bug fixes and updates to several areas of Paradise Lost, POSTAL 2, and Apocalypse Weekend.
  • Added a slider to the video configuration menu on Linux and Mac to select which display the game should run on.
  • Addressed several glitches and errors with the video configuration menu.
  • Fixed the “Restore Default” options in the configuration menu restoring the “wrong” defaults in certain cases.
  • Fixed various issues causing the Weapon Selector to get stuck or glitched if the player goes into the menu while it’s active.
  • Weapon Selector now times out in the auto-switch mode if the player does not dismiss it manually.
  • The A and B buttons on the controller (or whatever is bound to Confirm and Back) are no longer locked out while the Weapon Selector is active.
  • (Paradise Lost) Resolved a crash that commonly occurs when the player picks up the C4 in the Survivalist Compound.
  • (Paradise Lost) Resolved a crash that could occur in the PU Games Center area when looking for the air conditioner parts.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed a bug causing the player to have to repeat the entire Bandit Hideout map should the player forget to pick up the cure chemicals after the boss fight.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed a map error in the Wipe House area where a player could get hurt by a cactus despite not standing anywhere near it.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed a bug where the player could repeat the Tuesday Mike J cutscene at the Church later in the week.
  • (Paradise Lost) Fixed a bug causing the player’s Level of Detail preference to not save properly.
  • (Steam Workshop) The BurnVictimHeadSkin property in BasePeople.Head is now a Material instead of Texture.