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Yes folks – it took 13 years, but you finally get to take a glimpse into the future of… 2016… in 2003! Confused? Me too!
Depending on how long you’ve been with POSTAL 2, you might be aware of a couple of stores in the Paradise Mall section, that are blocked off and claim that they will be reopening in June 2016. Yes, indeed! Some of you might think that our plan all along was to wait 13 years and add amazing easter egg content to this section of the game. Well, you’d be entirely wr- I mean, correct! Yes, of course! It just goes to show you how forward-thinking Running With Scissors has been all along!

So if you own POSTAL 2 on Steam, then you can take a trip to Paradise Mall on Tuesday and discover the secret for yourself. If you don’t, or if you just can’t be bothered, then you can watch the attached video, where our dear friend Postal Dude takes a journey 13 years into the future, to see how far we’ve come since 2003.

As an aside, why don’t you follow Postal Dude’s example and pick up a copy of this crazy little thing called POSTAL Redux? All the cool kids are doing it!
Shameless? Not if it works!