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Infamous shooter receives Steam Deck verification, new game modes, and more!

POSTAL 2, the notorious first-person shooter from Running With Scissors with over 5 million units sold, a Supreme Court victory, a crazy memorable Uwe Boll film adaptation, and a Guinness World Record for “Most Critically-Divisive Video Game,” celebrates 20 years of excellence with a Free Anniversary update today on Steam for Windows and Linux.

Experience the seminal FPS like never before with a massive update implementing a host of new features, improvements, and Steam Deck verification coming any day now. Twenty years after POSTAL 2’s debut, series creators Running With Scissors continue their support of the beloved game by introducing the Two Weeks in Paradise and Classic game modes to the base game, in-game day selection, and more.

Personify the Postal Dude and fulfill your day by completing daily chores. Buy some milk, chase down TV child star Gary Coleman for an autograph, visit a cult compound, and return overdue library books – just normal stuff. Adventure through a large open sandbox non-linear world full of hijinks, over-the-top characters, and intense action blending humor with emergent gameplay opportunities. Whether playing as a pacifist or dealing with drama by going in guns blazing, POSTAL 2’s twisted satire of the American Experience is all about player expression.

POSTAL 2’s Free 20th Anniversary Update incorporates the Xpatch mod created by Piotr Sztukowski, which brings multiple additions, cut content and bug fixes.

  • Steam Deck verification and support
  • Two Weeks in Paradise and Classic game modes
  • Day selection
  • Crackola and weapon vending machines added to all levels
  • New cheats
  • Unique Cat-Silencer behaviors for experimental cats
  • Restored unused Postal Dude Voice lines
  • Much, much more

Highly regarded as one of the most influential — and divisive — first-person shooters of all time, POSTAL 2 has over 70,000 Steam user reviews with an “overwhelmingly positive” rating. Running With Scissors’ eye for satire and taste for absurdity has kept the game alive in the hearts of FPS fans for two decades. Now, twenty years later, loyal fans will have what they’ve always wanted: a chance to bring POSTAL 2 with them everywhere, thanks to its Steam Deck support.

“RWS has been a true indie for over twenty-five years, it’s hard to believe POSTAL 2 is turning twenty today,” said Vince Desi, founder, Running With Scissors. “Today’s POSTAL 2 Free Anniversary update expresses our commitment and devotion to the amazing POSTAL community. The recent release of POSTAL 4 on Playstation 5/4 affirms our undying support to our fans and the Postal Dude.”/font>

POSTAL 2’s 20th-anniversary update is now available for free on Steam for Windows and Linux. For more POSTAL, visit the Steam franchise page and check out POSTAL 4: No Regerts or pick it up on PlayStation 5|4.