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Happy Monday, POSTAL fans! Here’s an update for POSTAL 2, Paradise Lost, and POSTed for you to enjoy.

The long-awaited Linux update for Paradise Lost is now live! If you already own Paradise Lost it will download automatically. If not, now is the time to get on board and see what you’ve been missing!

In addition to Paradise Lost for Linux, the 5010 patch brings several performance and game improvements, including:
Addressed the “Can’t Load Entry” crash
Major performance fixes and updates to most areas of Paradise Lost and many areas of POSTAL 2.
Major performance improvements to fire effects. Gasoline, napalm, and fire in general should no longer bog down the frame rate as much.
New AW-style bloody skins for most melee weapons
Fixed the RAFIBOMB achievement in POSTAL 2 (again)
Bug fixes and new features for the POSTed Development Kit
And many more! Check out the full change log here.

Mac users, your time to shine approaches! In addition to the long-awaited Mac port we have a few more tricks up our sleeve for our next patch. For details check out the public POSTAL 2 roadmap, here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/223470/discussions/0/537405286656709286/

Workshop Compatibility Notice
The UnrealScript updates in 5010 may break some mods. In particular, we experienced problems with the Eternal Apocalypse weapon pack (EAInventory) which we were unable to fix. Other mods may be affected but we have attempted to minimize the number of compatibility issues. If you encounter crashes while using your favorite Workshop mod, please let the creator know of the incompatibility so they can rebuild the UnrealScript and issue an update. Apologies if your mod was affected!