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Want your ugly mug to be forever enshrined in the annals of POSTAL?

We’re now accepting photo submissions for the new Mike J’s Super Friendship Club wall collage to appear in POSTAL 4! Give us a funny picture of yourself that the whole world will be able to admire and likely urinate on!

To qualify, we ask each entrant to send two pictures to [email protected] with the subject line MikeJ’s Super Friendship Club Wall Application:

  • 1. A photo of yourself, the picture that will appear in-game. You can be silly, but stay within reason!
  • 2. A second verification photo with you holding your ID in a clear and visible fashion so that it’s legible.

Entrants must be 18 years of age or over. Avoid shirts and clothing with logos and any other background materials that may show copyrighted content (posters, games, toys, etc), unless it’s Running With Scissors content, of course! Not all entries will make it in as we’ll be selecting the best ones. Good luck!