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We’re pleased as punch to not only be bringing all of you a new update for POSTAL 2 and Paradise Lost, but also to finally be bringing Paradise Lost, along with all the latest updates, to GOG!

Phew, this has taken a while! As we just recently finished up our long promised update for POSTAL Redux, we then got to work on finishing up some other overdue promises for everyone’s favorite urination simulator POSTAL 2, and today we are proud to announce that those promises have come to pass. We have just rolled out the new 5023 update for POSTAL 2 and Paradise Lost, on Steam and GOG.com

Starting with POSTAL 2, owners on Steam may have been frustrated for quite a while with a bug making them unable to light gasoline trails – well, no more! Throw those matches and watch that pink fluid erupt in a magnificent flame (just be cool about fire safety). But that’s not the only bug we’ve gone back and fixed – we’ve also patched up a bug that would make the user’s mouse cursor appear over the game after using the voting booth, and we’ve also finally lowered the volume of the Napalm Factory cutscene, so that your eardrums don’t get punished every time you do another playthrough. We’ve also added new language options for Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish, and we’ve rolled out the subtitle and voice over language options for Mac and Linux owners so that more and more people can have easy access to the fun of standing in line for that $5 milk. Meanwhile Paradise Lost is finally getting subtitle options of its own, in English, Chinese and Portuguese, in addition to a whole bunch of bugfixes and adjustments.

We’re also pleased to finally have some good news for GOG.com users – not only are you receiving the latest 5023 patch for POSTAL 2, but you’ve also finally gotten Paradise Lost as well! This is long overdue, and we sincerely wish we could have gotten this done sooner, but it’s finally here for real this time we swear, and we hope that this means that you all can finally enjoy the full P2 experience and the work that we’ve put into it over them many years.

But hey, that’s just a small overview of some of the more notable changes and fixes. Feel free to scroll down and check out the full patch notes for more deets. We love you all, and we thank you for your patience with us! <3 Now go away and leave us alone, while we work on new stuff!

Patch Notes


    • Localized the game into Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish (Interface, Textures, and Subtitles), and Brazilian Portuguese (Subtitles)
    • (Linux and Mac) Added English, Polish, and Russian subtitles (Previously only available on Windows)
    • Added Chinese and Russian voice overs to Linux and Mac versions of POSTAL 2 (Previously only available on Windows)
    • Added two non-cheat commands to manually disable portions of the Halloween event
    • Added in-game video option for switching between DirectX and OpenGL renderers (Windows only)
    • Updated GoG Windows build

[Bug Fixes]

    • Fixed gas trails not lighting correctly
    • Fixed RockinCats and BoppinCats cheats
    • Fixed bloody Shovel texture being drawn on top of the Halloween Pitchfork
    • Fixed mouse cursor sometimes appearing on the screen after ‘Vote’ errand in Fullscreen mode
    • Fixed subtitles not appearing in certain scenarios


    • Credits presentation updated
    • Reduced volume of cutscene explosions in Napalm Factory
    • Fixed music playing too loudly in Compound level
    • Fixed spelling mistakes and grammar errors in English, Chinese, and Polish subtitles
    • Adjusted Greenbelt2 telemarketer position in Greenbelt1 to fix players being able to walk backwards and escape the map

Paradise Lost

    • Added English, Chinese, and Portuguese subtitles!
    • Added in-game video option for switching between DirectX and OpenGL renderers (Windows only)
    • Paradise Lost is now available on GoG! (Windows)

[Bug Fixes]

    • Fixed crash that would occur after the intro cutscene for Russian players
    • Fixed Dismemberment Physics checkbox in PL
    • Automated doors in Robot Factory will no longer be able to trap the player
    • Fixed Robot Factory‘s fire testing room not performing damage
    • Fixed incorrect textures on the Snowmen models
    • Fixed invisible wall in Bandit Hideout


    • Adjusted Survivalist spawns in Forest level
    • Added checkpoint save to Compound level
    • Adjusted lighting in Bandit Hideout level
    • Fixed invisible pieces of collision in parts of the final arena