This is THE UPDATE many of you have been waiting for – A SIGNIFICANT PERFORMANCE UPDATE! Our work in this area is far from done, but many of you will enjoy a framerate boost of around 10-20fps in some of the worst affected areas. We will continue to improve performance throughout the rest of the project.

Related to performance – we’ve rewritten the mouse movement code so in the event the game does hitch, you will no longer end up facing the wrong direction, making remaining performance drops far less intrusive.

Beyond that, this update improves kicking behaviour and animation. It’s now far easier to kick around physics objects and ragdolls. Oh, and you can also kick cars when using Vitamin X, too!

Prefer projectile based combat to melee? We have you covered! Introducing a new weapon – The Flare Gun!

Our ongoing work to improve the cinematics continues with the Tag Turf, Bellow and Cat dude Intros all getting a pass.

We’ve fixed up a ton of crashes, and a laundry list of other things you’ll find listed below.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, believing in our vision and providing us with so much useful feedback.


Steam build Number:

“Frames, flares and feet” Update




Mariachi NPCs in Mexico

More NPCs in the new tiles

Flare Gun!

Separate ammo type for M16

Cat Silencer support for Ingram

Ability to kick vehicles during Vitamin X

Hostile Shopkeeper to Dinky Nozzle (‘Get Milk’ errand)

New FirstPerson kicking animation

A hint about changing paint color with alt-fire

Cutscene for Spike poisoning




Overall performance improvements!

Prison codes are now randomized

Improved the kick’s hit detection and locational damage code

Removed Scythe model which was blue balling players into thinking that it’s an actual working weapon they can use

Improved interior of La Casa Grande

Improved the Pet Shop and Tag Turf and Bellow’s cinematics

Audio in various cinematics

Scaled up a few vehicles

Tweaked the collision on shell casings and thrown Ingram prop

Adjusted the Hose firing animation not syncing correctly

Removed extra front sight on M16 mesh

Improved Prison loading! The unnecessary maps will no longer stay loaded which will result in better performance during the Prison Guard errand. Warden doors will also close properly after the errand

Dude location icon on map screen

Mouse aiming should now be more consistent and stable




Certain meshes using default textures

Added vehicle blocker to Border Smuggler to prevent breaking the cutscene

NPC made out of denim aka. The notorious Denim Man (You will be missed)

Floating cars

Being able to pick up the Scooter

Body fire on Mutant Rats being way too big

Weapon fire no longer gets stuck when phone is brought up

Lightbulbs will now be removed from the player’s inventory after Sewer errand

Boarded up Book Repository

Collision on various meshes

Zap zone signs facing the wrong way between Retail and Border Land tiles

Many mapping bugs that were reported on our Steam and Janky forums

‘The Thingy’ area not staying loaded after going through a zap zone

Weapons will now immediately Fire after being Equipped / Reloaded if the player is holding the ‘Fire’ key

Removed Bell from Monday’s Motel which could trigger the ending cutscene again causing the game to crash

Weapon loop start animation

Crash where the Spray Paint is firing when opening the color wheel

Left hand weapon when dual wielding not using the right ‘Weapon position’ settings

Prison zap zone activating even if complete

Prison Warden doors will now close properly after finishing the errand

Scooter when going through a zap zone

Weapons floating in front of The Dude during cinematics

Border Patrol NPCs not attacking the player

Addressed various crashes that were reported on our forums

Tag Turf errand will now complete every time after tagging all billboards

The Meet Associate cutscene can now be skipped properly

Dude Cat’s paws clipping through the world

Stoner exiting the Pet Shop

Dude pulling out a weapon during cutscene

Spray paint breaking windows

Lockdown announcement in Police Station no longer replays when returning to the station or loading a save

Gamepad settings not updating when changed in-game

Slingshot now respects Fire input bindings

NPCs should no longer pickup dead animals

Dude Cat Pounce momentum sticking on cat ladders

Some bugs with the Gas Can match setting inflammable animals