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If you’ve been following our Feedback Fridays for the last month or so, you might have caught the one that we dedicated to refund requests for POSTAL 2. It was quite a journey into the perspectives of people who couldn’t find the game to suit their tastes, and the feature was a considerable hit amongst you readers. It is most certainly in our best interests to give the people what they like, so why don’t we take a return-trip into the landscape of POSTAL 2 refund requests, and see what more insight and lessons we can take away?

We’d like to stress again, however, that the intention of this article is not to mock people for wanting to refund the game. We absolutely encourage people to refund games if they feel unsatisfied with their purchase, especially if those games are ours! If someone buys POSTAL 2 and ends up not liking it, we don’t want them to be stuck with it, and feeling like they wasted their money, at all. We know how painful Buyer’s Remorse can be. We’ve been there.

Instead, the point of doing this piece is to highlight some of the more interesting, entertaining or absurd descriptions of the claims we receive. Whether it’s the wording of the request, the potentially silly reasoning behind it, or the thoughtful and heartwarming honesty attached – these are some of the requests that stuck out to us the most, and made us stop and think, smile or laugh, and so we hope that you might appreciate them as well!

Refund Requests for POSTAL 2

“hi my friends tell me this game is fun but when i dowlond the game and play that was not fun and i want my refund back. tanx”
“its way to old”
“absolute crap”
“it seemed to be just a whole lot of walking around”
“Just gets stuck in jail for 4 hours and then get caught trying to escape. nice, screw this game”
“The story is really boring”
“This game is hard to navigate. I found it difficult to navigate to the different missions that I had to complete. Because of this it made me not want to play the game again as I could not progress through the game”
“This old game does not keep up to newer games, not fun and not what i expected.”
“top kek. not fun top memes looool kyle ron”
“bored all every”
“How is this even a game?”
“C’mon really………”
“This game gameplay video is better than my played. Thanks.
“I do not go on the computer. nor do I like ..”
“Was fun 10 years ago. Now I am ten years older, and feel guilty playing it, so I want to reinvest my 1 euro in something new. :D”
“I thaught cutting people’s bodies up and pissing on property would be fun but i was wrong :-). #BlessGaben”
“Turns out pissing on people isn’t that fun.”
“I don’t like this game please reward my money.”
“it is very scary and too gorey for me”
“Almost Puked Not My Style :X”
“Its just filled with lolsorandemxD humor and things that dont work. Theres also a bunch of racist crap. I really dont like it”
“I know I have over 2 hours of playtime but I really don’t like this game. Like REAAALLLLYYYY. It’s whole basis is killing innocent and helpless people.”
“I try very hard to have fun, but I just cant have fun. No matter what.”
“I was playing golf with mens head.. It was stupid… Bad game”
“i dont know the point of peeing on people”
“I was misformed about it on the reviews I assume. I have many more refuns therefore sorry of implodes, also need more money for skins on CS:GO and I don’t plan on playing this or the next 2 refunds. But pissing on bodies was fun I guess :P”
“boring and repedetive. thought i would enjoy the violence but nah… its okay though no hard feelings!”

See you all next week!