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Let’s go on a journey, you and I – a journey through time itself! Imagine it in your mind – it’s the summer of 1997. The Notorious B.I.G. is dead, ‘Married With Children‘ just went off the air, ‘Friends‘ is still on the air for another 7 years, and on the horizon is the release date of something called ‘Goldeneye 007‘ for some children’s toy.

It is during this time that PC and Mac gamers get a taste of another upcoming video game, though – POSTAL. Gamers are given access to a pre-release Beta version of the game, and they also have the chance to write directly to the developers, through this crazy newfangled ‘electronic mail’ wizardry. This week, we will be looking at some of the wonderful mail that Running With Scissors received during this period. Some will be funny, some will be heartwarming, others will be a bit confusing; but rest assured – they will all be poorly typed (mostly).

We hope you enjoy!

E-mails from 1997

FROM: Elmo the Red

SENT: Friday, July 25, 1997


You guys did a kick ass job on the game. Its the _bomb_.

The programers dont get enough bucks for writing this stuff!

Its great. Im gona buy as soon as it hits the stores!

Running With Scissors Rulz! I hope one day to work from a company like you guyz.

-Jason M____

FROM: Danny L.

SENT: Wednesday, July 30, 1997

SUBJECT: Postal Beta


Postal IS GREAT! But how disappointing it is to find out that the beta is only one level!!! We WANT more!!! IT took me about 5 hours to download it to see that’s it was only one level! I am a disgruntled postal worker….

FROM: Mr. Pooh.

SENT: Wednesday, July 30, 1997



I think it’s a great game which I will buy but the guys with the napalm weapons are unfair one shot can finish you off. Also in the first level there is a place where you can get stuck between them and are shott by everyone and unfairly killed by the toilet between the sighns (one might be a fire hydrant). Also when you are knocked down sometimes you can’t get up because the throw gernade of shoot rockets and then you get blown back up in the air. In the full realse can you set your onw controls because that would help.

Thank You for listining,

Your friend,

mrpooh Or regestered as Aaron P____

FROM: Brendan C____

SENT: Wednesday, July 30, 1997




i don't understand the editor though, how do i make my own hood?

how do i place ground? how do i place baddies?

well it’s a good game,


FROM: Thatguy85

SENT: Wednesday, July 30, 1997

SUBJECT: Great job!!

Id like to congradulate Ripcord and all the other people who made Postal. My mom is a postal worker and she thought it was hilarious!!! Its good to know there are still people out there who love senseless violence as much as I do.

Good Job!!!

Robert P____

North Tonawanda, New York


What kind of info, if possable can you give me about jobs in game design at Ripcord or anywhere else?? Thanks for the consideration!!

FROM: musgrave

SENT: Friday, August 01, 1997

SUBJECT: Postal Mailing List

I live for your game so gimme the goods dammit!!!!!! (Or I shall go Postal!!!!!)

Cereal Killer #1

(Hand over the Froot Loops or the girl gets it)

FROM: Patrick R.

SENT: Sunday, August 03, 1997


Pretty cool game.

Let’s see… some additions you are probably already planning:

When you change weapons, you should be able to see the new weapon in your hands…

I’d like to see some John Woo twin .45 action…

More voice for the main character (who does his voice, BTW – sounds like Kevin Conrad from the Batman Animated series…)

Control configuration allowance for a MS Sidewinder pad, cause it plays like an arcade-tyoe game and the pad would rule.

Only one idea for you – a little hand-to- hand action would be cool – I’d like to run up to that guy with the grenades and just be able to kick the shit out of him…


SENT: Monday, August 04, 1997


I’m Faizal J____ and I really loved your game, I have really been waiting for a game like this for a long time. This game is so entertaining and has hundreds and hundreds of different approaches to the game and it has the most awsome weapons, not one or two but like ten. I’m a tough sell but I will be buying this game for sure. There is a recommendation that I do have for this game and that is that I think that the game should have more views, maybe a doom like view and if you are making a sequal please keep the characters human, I as wel as many like human characters. AWSOME GAME!!! A GAME LIKE THIS COULD NEVER BLOW, BUT ONLY THE COMPETITION!!!


SENT: Monday, August 04, 1997

SUBJECT: No Subject

Wow what a game. It RULES, but with a couple of things that make it frustrating.

X-Ray in the buildings is way to dark, The postal dude’s aim is a little off and when death occurs for the little mail carries you should have the option to restart or load but not continue in death. Oh yea it runs great under Memphis(Beta 97 that is). Still one of the best in the ’90’s

Jamie J____

FROM: David W____

SENT: Tuesday, August 05, 1997

SUBJECT: Great Going!!!!

This game rules!!! I got to play it every night(until i can’t take it no more)!!! The Wepons, The Background noise’s. Took me a few games to get the key strokes down but once i figured them out Shazam i started to rock. Thank you for alowing me to beta test your Great game.

An Avid shareware and beta user(played alot of them) David W____.

FROM: Jvar4tay

SENT: Wednesday, August 06, 1997

SUBJECT: No Subject

I love Postal. I plan on buying it when it comes out. There are a few things that need to be changed. I think when you are ducking you should be able to roll by pressing strafe and the direction. Another thing is when I try to jump it does nothing.

FROM: mac

SENT: Tuesday, August 05, 1997


Awesome game!!!!! Better than the upcoming ‘Fallout’ Will be a must Buy for me!!! My Macintosh Loves this alpha Beta!! Are there any additional maps for this demo? haha I know, i’ll have to wait. Just wanted you to know how awesome this game is :)


See you all next week!