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The feedback train never stops, baby! Welcome back to Feedback Friday – the weekly special feature where we, your pals at Running With Scissors, take an appreciative look at different forms of feedback (both positive and negative) that we receive from all of you fine folk!

This week, we’ll be doing something really special. For over a year now, Steam users have had the ability to refund their purchases, if they feel they are unsatisfied with them. We think it’s great, and we encourage players to consider this option, if they are truly unhappy with the games they buy – especially if they’re ours! Another great thing about Steam refunds, is that users also get to provide an explanation for why they wish to refund their game – which is what we’ll be looking at this week!

All of this week’s content will be refund reasons provided by folks who’ve requested refunds for POSTAL 2. Some of these may be funny, some may be insightful; others may just be confusing – but they are all appreciated! If you didn’t like POSTAL 2, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a refund (although we do also encourage people to take a better look at the products they buy, before buying them – be an informed consumer!).

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Refund Requests for POSTAL 2

“Look, I love open worl sandbox games as much as the next person does, But even I have standards. This game is gross, and depresses me when I play it because of how… I don’t know, just the violence is too much. I feel like this upsets the balance of fun and violence and just pushes the limits for me.”

“Please. Not funny”

“I thought it was going to be alot easier”

“Dumb, ugly and offensive. All the humor of a dead goat…”

“Its terrifiying”

“This game is absolute rubbish, should really consider taking it out of the store.”

“I really like what the game is about, and I’d love to give it a second chance, but I can’t. It’s hard to figure out what to do and where to go and it’s come to the point that I couldn’t do anything but kill every npc on sight and do no objectives.”


“its a game that looks like a 10 year old made it in a unity program its fun until you play for longer then 10 minutes in one sitting”

“I sincerely want my money back. Even if it’s 1€”

“I thought it was fun.”



“just isnt my type of game you Know gaben”

“I can see how people ould enjoy it, but it really isn’t my cup of tea.”

“1st this is basicly a rip off of csgo with the guns and stuff u cant regen health its the worst game ever”

“It’s not that fun of a game and i would much rather buy POSTAL 3 instead of this”

“the game sucks”

“It just wasn’t as entertaining as watching youtubers play it (lol). There are other games I’d much rather spend 99 cents on, as I only have 4 dollars on my visa.”

“I was expecting to really enjoy the sense of humor in this game, but something about it was very off-putting. A game hasn’t made me feel so bad about being so random, dumb, and violent before.”


“This game is a bit broken. I press E what iin the menu says: E to interact and the only thing it did was opening the menu. Plz gived me my money back”

“I don’t find this game amusing and worth the $0.99 I spent. I dislike the concept of the game. Yes the game is unique, but it’s a game not for me. Thank you for your kind consideration.”

“this is a disturbing game”

“Friend said it wasn’t fun”

“I am playing it and I find it extremely rude and obnoxious, not fun.”

“too old”

“postal 2 is so bad”

“MY mother didnt like the violence”

“sori for this guyz”

“Dear Valve Services: I’m writing this letter to complain about the game POSTAL 2 and demand a full refund. I bought the game on 25, March, looking forward to getting a surprise. After buying this game, however, I found it awful to play—Maybe it’s not my type, maybe I am too fastidious, but I really dislike it from the bottom of my heart! It is a non-entertaining game for me that I can’t enjoy at all!Talking about time, I unexpectedly played it for about 15 minutes and it really disappointed me a lot! I hope I can get my money back and use it into some more meaningful things. I’m sorry to trouble you, but I’m writing the letter sincerely for my refund. At last I would be appreciate if you can return my deal and my money to my Steam Wallet! That’s all I want to say, Thank you! Steam ID:_________ Date: 2016.3.26”

See you all next week!