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Welcome lovers, haters, and those who do not have any strong feelings towards us one way or the other, to this week’s Feedback Friday! Considering that the Steam Summer Sale is now in full swing, and all of our games (including POSTAL Redux) now have massive discounts on them, you’d think that the appropriate thing to do would be to look at more Steam reviews. I thought so too, but that’s getting a bit stale by now, isn’t it? Instead, let’s take a gander at some kind (and some less kind) words on our social media accounts, mainly our Facebook and Twitter. These are mostly a bit dated by now, but hey – we need material for future weeks, too!

Before we get to that, though, I’d like to start off the showcase with this wonderful piece of fan-mail from Julius in Sweden:

Hello and greetings from Sweden. My name is Julius and i want to say that i`m a huge fan of Postal and postal 2 (not so much 3…) and have once again played through Postal 2 these past few days. I`ve played and replayed this great game for many, many years and i have always seen it as something truly special. No, not just because i can play fetch with a doggie using a human head (all tho that`s fucking hilarious) but because how i can approach everything as a psycho or a law upholding citizen. How i can ignore the “story” and just run around, collecting weapons and slaughtering innocents for the hell of it. How i can laugh at the stupid humor and how i can interact with civilians (health pieces 4 sale). And above everything else, How i can come back to this game and replay it time after time again for almost 7 years (Myea… more than i have spent in Morrowind). I want to give credit where credit is due and i want to thank you guys for providing these fun experiences that i and multiple friends have enjoyed for a long while. I wanted to ask if we, your humble servants (fans) could ever see a “Postal IV” A new postal, IN FIRST PERSSON and with OPEN-WORLD and CITIZENS THAT DOES STUFF and POLICE TO ARREST US and so on and so forth. A REAL postal from RWS that we can all love and laugh at(?) But since i`m pretty sure i know the answer, (Yes, No, Maby) or (We can not give out any info at the time) or (Nothing we are currently working on) I will leave you with this.If “Postal IV” is ever announced, I will be the first of many to say “Shut up and take my money”! So with that said, Thank you RWS for the amazing games (minus possibly Postal 3) and for the countless hours of fun that i and many others have experienced thanks to YOU. I love your work! And i do hope we see more of it soon.

If the postal team could hear/see this or if i could get any kind of respons just as a “your message is appreciated” kinda thing id be ever so grateful. And if not, i totally understand that you are bussy

A truly heart-warming letter, that brought smiles to our faces. Thank you very much, Julian!

And now, for our main event!





See you all next week!