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Not too long ago, we did a piece highlighting some of our favorite reviews and feedback for POSTAL Redux. On one hand, we did this to celebrate the wonderful reception that Redux has been getting; on the other hand we did it because it was just a lot of fun to go over what people were saying about our game. It was so much fun, in fact, that we’re doing a weekly feature in a similar vein!

However, we will not be limiting ourselves to just the good reviews! Each week, we will be spotlighting all sorts of comments, reviews, praise, hate, fan mail, outrage and random mentions of either us or our games, that we’ve come across online, and that we enjoy for one reason or another. This means that the feedback we will feature will be both positive and negative. Don’t get the wrong idea, though – we’re not mocking anyone for making a negative review, or saying something potentially silly. We respect everyone’s right to hate the games that we make! This series is simply meant to appreciate and celebrate the humor and absurdity (both intentional and unintentional) that can be found in many of these wonderful comments & reviews.

This week, we will be going over a few of the wonderful recent reviews for a couple of our games on Steam – POSTAL Redux, and POSTAL 2. Other weeks in the future will feature different themes and types of feedback, so it’s going to be quite a variety show, to be sure!

We hope you enjoy!



*sigh* Alright, Destructive Creations, I guess you win those 5 bucks…


; )


Simple, clear, to-the-point… why can’t all reviews be like this?



This is simply not true. Quite a few of the keys don’t do anything at all! But hey, you can always use a controller, if that’s more your speed. In fact, I know the perfect one for someone such as yourself…


Why thank you, I’ve always wanted my very own mode game!


I think we’ve found the next review quote to put on our compilation front cover!


While this review is pretty spot-on on all other accounts, I’m not quite sure how the reviewer has reached the conclusion that POSTAL 2 is safe for white people to play, as it’s equally, if not more so, offensive to them as well. “if you are white” should be changed to “if you are easily offended”, and then it’d be perfect!


Oh man, move aside “Meh”, a challanger has just appeared!

And in closing:


See you all next week!