One of the most curious things we’ve seen come from the community; here comes a fully-playable homebrew port of the original POSTAL to the Nintendo Switch.

We certainly were curious to see what might happen when we released the source code for the original POSTAL from 1997. Certainly some great things have come out of it, such as the 20th Anniversary Community patch that we released in November, which was made entirely by volunteer fans working with the source code. We certainly hoped to see ports to older systems with active homebrew scenes (*cough* Dreamcast *cough*), but I don’t think we ever envisioned anything quite like this port for the Nintendo Switch, by Modern Vintage Gamer.

POSTAL on the go!

Almost brings a tear of pride to our eyes!

As you may have heard, the Nintendo Switch has an unpatchable hardware exploit that allows you to boot the system in Recovery Mode and to load custom software. Some people have begun doing all sorts of fun stuff with it, such as turning the system into a Linux machine and making homebrew software for it. One such person is a man who goes by Modern Vintage Gamer (or MVG) on YouTube, who has made his own custom native port of the original POSTAL to the console and posted it publicly for anyone to try out. This appears to be just one of many ports that MVG has been cooking up for the newly hacked system, and we’re extremely proud to have our old little game be one of them.

If you’re curious, you can check out this video of MVG himself showing off a port of Outrun he’s made, going over how to boot your Switch into Recovery Mode, and his development process for working on the Switch:

And if you want to actually try out the port for yourself, you can check out the following links.

  • You can download the release here.
  • And here is a thread on GBAtemp forums where MVG is responding to people’s questions about the port.

Note that you do need to own an actual copy of the game first, as you will need the data files from that to make this work. But the game is cheap as hell, and we have it on sale all the time, so what’s your excuse?

Now this isn’t the first port of POSTAL to a portable system, as we released a port for Android devices a few years back. However, considering the fact that the Switch is still a fairly new machine that acts both as a portable system and a console, not to mention the novelty of having POSTAL run on Nintendo hardware, this port truly is something special. And it looks like there’s only going to be more and more interesting stuff coming out of this homebrew scene, so there’s a lot to be excited for!

Oh and for the record, we’re still waiting and hoping on someone to do that Dreamcast port!