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As you can easily already see, we haven’t been wasting any time getting everything bright and shiny new for you. You might notice the archives are gone. This is just part of the tidying up but don’t worry as they are not all gone for good. Some of the best articles and stories you enjoyed in the past will come back. It’s just going to take a little time to sort through all the posts of yesteryear and pick out what we think you might still find relevant. I’ve combed over all the pages and have over 70 short listed items to come back… which might actually still be reduced a bit. This is simply because while something may have been awesome enough to really catch and hold your interest back in 2013, unless you have a Delorean, a Police Box, or some other method of time travel, you just can’t take advantage of or go to that event anymore so it’s no longer needed!

All of the Indie Spotlights will come back because they do cover a lot of very good games and the Steam Curator will be updated to point at them again. A new Spotlight is in the works too which should be up soon! It’s actually one that took me quite some time to prepare because it’s a very complicated game!

Hopefully you will like our new Website as much as we do. We think it is vastly superior to our old one. This site has the added advantage of being mobile friendly! That means of course that you can reach us from practically anywhere you are. For those of you who want to visit us on the go, rest assured our Running With Scissors site will look just as nice on your tablets and other small screens too!