OOOOH… We were just so close it almost makes your teeth ache! Running With Scissors always gets excited when something good happens with our video games. Our latest good news was that POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost was highly rated making it to the second most popular DLC on Steam. We were of course very proud and pleased that our fans think enough of our games that they would get us to such an elevated position. Alas, since we got that joyfully mind numbing news, POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost has sadly slipped back to #3. Nothing says we have to stop there though. There are still lots of you who want us to climb even higher but have not yet voted. We are ready to reach for the stars if you are. We can hit that number one spot with just a little help from our friends. All you have to do is vote for your favorite game.

Why not make your wishes known now. It is entirely up to you if you want us to be #1. Voting for our game is very simple. Just go to the Steam Store and click on POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost. We will be number one before you know it. Who knows, it might even be your vote that puts us over the top.

It is always gratifying to know our fans enjoy and appreciate the effort we put into creating games. We try our best to make games that give each and every one of our players countless hours of fun. It is even more exciting when that effort is rewarded by the love and acknowledgement of our fans. Only you can make Paradise Lost #1. Why not help us reach that highest point. Cast your positive vote on Steam now!