Author Topic: What controversies are unacceptable?  (Read 313 times)


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What controversies are unacceptable?
« on: August 10, 2014, 02:05:51 PM »
I'm seeking for informations about controversies in games last time. (Great timing with TheCrazyEvan's videos btw.)
Why do I do that?
I'm developing an indie game which I'd have fun to play (and other people, of course) and I think some of the content I plan to create could be tagged as controversial by some people*. I'd like to ask you what do you think about some of the stuff that will be there and could be tagged as controversial.
Why do I care? I really don't wanna have any problems caused by brainless haters that could lead to rebuild the masterpiece.

  • Firstly, how about killing people? I think it could be accepted. People get killed in almost every video game. Well, killing innocents... Do you think that "loosin' karma points" for killing civilians could shut mouths of humanists?
  • Secondly, how about additive substances? I don't mean to make a junkie player. I mean drinking alcohol, smoking, (I'm thinking about getting high to reduce damage caused to player [I've already seen it in a video game, so it could be ok maybe?] and maybe an involuntary use of LSD.)
  • Thirdly, how about nudity? After reading about senseless scandals and banning several scenes, I resigned to make only an ability to get invited by a woman and play with her...airbags. Do you think someone could have problems with this?
  • Fourthly, could there be any problems with parodying brands? I mean an InGame web site for playing videos that has a grey and orange color scheme and that is called "Video Hub - become a video star"
  • Fifthly, a guy who ate panda?

Thanks for reading my post and in case you answer, thanks in advance for your answer.

ps: I try to make a game made by people** (I mean adding as much other people's ideas and stuff as possible). That's my last question. RWS, may I add anything into the game that would promote you? I mean anything. There's an InGame internet, so I could add a web site with a possitive review of Postal2, for example. How about an article about a triumph of RWS hockey team? Maybe a possibility to meet Postal Dude? A mission to interup a protest of Parents for Decency?
If you want, I could add almost anything into the game, where you would be in a honorable place.

* hypocrites
** The funny fact is that the game is not even officially announced yet.
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Re: What controversies are unacceptable?
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2014, 04:25:55 PM »
All of those things are pretty tame by modern video game standards. Nobody really cares about violence/nudity in video games anymore. Those days are long gone.


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Re: What controversies are unacceptable?
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2014, 11:11:56 PM »
Phew, nice to read it.
Most of those scandals sound quite senseless for me.
I'm glad this stuff is more common recent time.
Thanks for your answer.