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Concerning remaking games...
« on: November 23, 2014, 08:46:47 PM »
When it comes to someone remaking a game I've always been positive for that! Not only because it's more often than not free but I know that it's people who are dedicated to the game/s who have remade it and who've (hopefullyI improved on it!

So that makes me kind of sad when I read about how Project Vaulderie ( has been shut down due to CCP games reasons stated in the link.

But when someone approached RWS with the idea of remaking Postal they seemed pretty open to that idea, but I can actually think of quite a few times when remakes have been shut down by the original studio, but I've never seen why!

Why do studios shut down remakes like this when it's clear that it's for free (donations does not equal to paying for something)  especially when it's for an old game like Bloodlines which could generate interest for those old games anymore, even though the franchise is officially dead.